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Join us on 28 June for a FREE Coaching conversation.

Join us on 19 July for a FREE Leadership conversation.

Join us on 2 August for a FREE NLP conversation.

Join us on 12 July for a FREE Self-Actualising conversation.

"Unleash Your Potential: Step into Actualisation and Embrace Your Life's Next Chapter with The Coaching Room"

Change minds, change lives.

Ready to deepen your transformative journey? Whether your aim is to become an exceptional coach or enhance your leadership, parenting, or relationship skills, we are here to empower you in unlocking your full personal and professional potential. Join us and embark on a path that will change not only your mind but also your life.

How we can help

Become a coach

Begin your journey of becoming a world-class coach

Learn the advanced skills and competencies of our Integral+® Coaching Professional Pathway. Become a world-class coach in your chosen area of practice – Become a life coach, Become a sports coach, Become an executive coach, Become a Business Coach, or Become a Career Coach.

Graduates will attain a TCR Professional Coach accreditation with The Coaching Room® at Level 1 and Level 2.

Engage a coach

Develop a deeper level of self-awareness

Find an Integral+® Executive Coaching to help you address the Leadership and Communication challenges that a CEO or Senior Executive faces. We use evidence-based AI technology to identify and explore your coachable moments faster and more consistently.

Our developmental approach is about vertical growth to help you and your people:

Wake Up – Personality biases

Grow up – Expand your perspectives

Clean up – how to do the developmental work

Show up – Fully express your executive potential

Learn NLP

Training for personal and professional development

The Coaching Room® offers the Playbook for Life training course suitable for personal and professional development – you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you. This course will equip you with the skills and capacities for your own growth as a human being.

Train corporate teams

Empower your managers and employees

Our range of Integral+® Leadership corporate training programs will challenge, support and empower you and your employees. Our programs accelerate the development of leaders and managers through in-house, on location or live online training. Develop your leaders today!

Join Our Integral+® Conversations

Introducing our Integral+® Conversations. Weekly conversations about growth and development (and they are free to join)!

We live and relate in fragmented realities, partial and transactional relationships with limited views of the world trying to become and make our way.

In short, we are hurting and hunting for a better way of being and doing life with very fractured and limited support.

Integral+® Conversations are a weekly opportunity to bring real and genuine wholeness and healing to all aspects of our lives so that we can relax more, surrender to something much greater than our small self-experience, and begin to access more and more of your potential in very key and important areas of life.

These conversations are about you, me, we, and us… a space and a place to survive and thrive, together.

Joseph, Madeleine, and Jay will each be facilitating your Integral+® Conversations, join us below:

Self Actualising

A conversation around tapping into one’s own potentials. 


A conversation around running your own brain with NLP. 


A conversation around leading clearly into your potential and our future.


A conversation for coaches and coaches-in-the-making around what it is to coach.

Trusted by industry leaders

The Coaching Room Mission

In order to empower humanity, there are four key steps that we work with our clients and coaches on:

Waking Up

Embrace the morning ritual of waking up, a dance between awareness and dis-identification with your personality's habits. Dive into mindfulness, shedding light on cognitive intentions that shape your biases. Your journey begins with understanding the contours of your self-identity rooted in patterns of thought.

Growing Up

Growing up isn't just about age; it's about maturing your perspectives under pressure. The more lenses you adopt, the more gracefully you navigate the complex tapestry of life. Harness the power of understanding various viewpoints. As you grow, your influence on the world amplifies, while the world's influence on you diminishes.

Cleaning Up

Clear the mental clutter, paving the way for high-performance outcomes. Cleaning up entails the developmental task of dismantling barriers – old beliefs, early values, and identity structures. By tidying up your mental landscape, you create space for the extraordinary to emerge.

Showing Up

The grand finale of your journey - showing up as your best self. Here, the threads of waking up, growing up, and cleaning up are woven into action. Align your intentions with your visions, crafting your purpose. As Abraham Maslow said, this is actualisation, but we call it realisation in the context of showing up!

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