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Become a Professional Coach

Welcome to our Integral®+ Coach Training

We are delighted to welcome you to your Integral®+ Coach Training.

To introduce you to a unique and transformative approach that sets our Integral®+ Coaches apart worldwide!

In today’s rapidly evolving coaching landscape, it is crucial for Coaches to have a core point of difference that enables them to make a significant impact on their client’s lives.

The integration of The Identity Compass framework with the Integral®+ Coach Traing offers just that.

Using our Artificial Intelligence (AI)  framework; The Identity Compass,

The synergy between the Integral Coaching Pathway and the Identity Compass framework empowers Coaches to facilitate holistic personal growth, self-discovery, and transformation for their clients. It enables them to guide clients in aligning their actions with their authentic selves, achieving balance, and realising their full potential.

Join us on this extraordinary program of self-exploration and professional Coach development, as we unveil the integral role of  
The Identity Compass and its transformative impact on coaching. Discover how this unique partnership can position you as a Coach with a core point of difference, setting you apart in the industry and propelling your clients toward a life of purpose, fulfillment, and success.

Coaching Essentials – A Sneak Peek

This Coaching Essentials – Sneak Peek program is an opportunity to make sure Integral®+ Coaching is a good fit for you without having to make the time, energy, and financial commitment necessary to the entire Integral®+ Coaching program.

Course Overview

Coaching Foundations

Learn the foundational skills of what it is to Coach. How to support, listen, and ask powerful questions.

Coaching Self and Others

Understand habituated thinking in ourselves and in your clients.

Advanced Coaching Skills

Introduction of various Coaching models to facilitate lasting change for your clients.

Developmental Coaching Mastery

A systemic and pragmatic coach development pathway grounded in the latest psychological research on human thinking and behaving.

By Invitation Only

Embodiment & Grounding with Supervision

Put all you have learned into practice with ongoing mentoring support and introduce Integral+®Coaching Quadrants.

Chat with a Trainer

Curious to know more? Book a 15-minute chat with Madeleine to learn more about the Coaching Pathway courses and accreditation.

Do you aspire to coach at a world-class level?

The Coaching Room’s Integral+® Coach training is an advanced coaching program designed to take you and the coaching industry to the next level. As a result, the skills and accreditation pathway to becoming a Professional Coach are highly robust and detailed. No other coaching program offers the complexity and rigour offered by the Integral+® Coaching Pathway.

The program supports new coaches to move through integrated learning modules, culminating in the credentials and skills necessary to be considered a a world-class Coach.

Your coach training will grow you as a coach by integrating specific models that, as a professional Coach, you can work systematically with clients. In the program, we focus on you: as a Coach, your developmental level for professional competency, and your coaching business so you can create a commercially viable business

Ready to make the next step in your coaching career?

If you’re interested in becoming a Professional Coach, book a 15 minute chat with Madeleine to learn more about our accreditation pathway and start your journey to becoming a more effective coach today.