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5 Ways to Manage Your Financial Health in Times of Uncertainty

This article is adapted from ‘Critical Strategies On What To Do With Your Money In A Time of Recession – For Leaders and Managers.‘ 

By Vivian Goh 2020:


Does Financial Health Really Equal Wealth?

And is our wellbeing linked to our financial position? In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to manage out financial health in order to create a stronger position, and gain more wealth and happiness in the process. Here’s our 5 key things to think about when it comes to all things finance:

(Just so you know: Wealth to us isn’t just about money as in encompasses your wellbeing and others around you)

1. Take great care of yourself first as you are the driver of all the key decisions you make. It’s highly unlikely that you’ve made great decisions when you are stressed, anxious or doubtful. Here’s a few example of healthy and self-care actions:

– Waking up early

– Meditating or sitting in silence

– Eating a healthy and balanced diet

– Moving and exercising often

– Continue to grow and do developmental work


2. Having clarity on your priorities in life and what is important for you so that your money is fully aligned with your intentions now and for the next 3- 6 months. Having clarity, structure and flexibility has never been so important before. 


3. Have a really good, automated and tailored budget that will allow you to find all your missing money, save more of it and channel it to areas of your life that matters the most. You’d be surprised to find $30,000 a year of missing money as many of my clients were surprised too when they started using a Simple Money Flow system. It has been a liberating process for many as they no longer manually restrict or check their budget anymore.


4. Be confident in the financial decisions that you make whether it is to invest in further self-development/business, health, paying off debt, investing for your future or saving. Ensure that they are aligned with your values and intentions.


5. Make money and life decisions based on a loving, objective and holistic view. This will allow you to smooth sail through the recession with minimal stress or uncertainty as you develop a capacity and space to allow change to happen without necessarily reacting to it.


Work with Vivian Goh

I’ve been a student of The Coaching Room and also have experience in the following field since 2010:

– Accounting Fundamentals

– Finance and Economics

– Wealth Management

– NLP & Developmental Coaching

– The Expression of Stages of Human Development in the context of Finance

I was a Financial Adviser for years before I fully transitioned into the space of Financial/Wealth Coaching, helping professionals and coaches who are doing great work in the health, fitness and wellbeing space to have their finances and life plans in order.

Viv Square Photo-1


I’m offering a 1:1 – 6 week coaching program for leaders and managers who wants to set up a stronger financial position than ever and aligning their money with their life plans.

We are currently having in-take sessions till 14th April 2020.

You can book a time for a quick chat with me by clicking in this link here. I look forward to speaking to you soon and explore how I can help.


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