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Are You Seeking the Truth? – The Coaching Room

Written by Vivian Goh for Moments Awake®.

Moments Awake Spiritual Retreat

A Calling For Truth Seekers

Have you ever wondered…

“What’s the meaning of life or existence?”

“Why the meditations and spiritual work that you’ve been practicing over the years still
don’t resolve that deep yearning in you that is still in search for lasting peace and joy?”

“Why you still don’t genuinely feel fulfilled after all the personal development or inner work
you’ve done?”



So now what?

It is so common that I come across many spiritual seekers (including myself) who are highly progressive in thinking and have a deep understanding of different philosophies or spiritual methodologies but yet still comes to a point of… so now what? I have all these experiences and knowledge but yet I’m still seeking “the next” and not completely free.



Self Inquiry

With the recent happenings in our reality, it may have triggered something in you to realise that there is more work that needs to be done on your “self” and there’s a sense of urgency that this may require a whole new level of understanding, inquiry and wisdom to truly unlock that unknown potential in you. If this sounds like something you can resonate with, this retreat may be a space for you to do so.



Embodied Enlightenment

In this Spiritual Retreat, your facilitator Joseph Scott will take you through the Moments Awake System which is the most direct path (in my experience) to embodied Enlightenment , regardless of where you are at in this moment on your spiritual journey. The systems allows you to naturally identify where you are at in this moment and the necessary practices that will guide you to Self-realisation, Enlightenment and beyond depending on your level of openness, readiness and willingness to explore. You will also get the opportunity to connect with the community of students who are currently using the Moments Awake to assist their own unfolding for the last 6 years, allowing you to feel supported in your journey of awakening.



Realise the Truth in You

After being in this space for the last 3 years, there’s now more stillness, clarity and openness in me to see through the “Occupant” (the egoic-structure that is occupying my mind and body), and allowing life to naturally unfold through me as an expression of The Truth which translates to unconditional joy, peace and pure love as a daily expression.

If there’s a calling in you where you are yearning to come home and realise the potential and truth in you, then the Moments Awake Community and I would love for you to join us on this movement of genuine awakening. You can click on the link below to find out more about the Moments Awake Spiritual Retreat.

Our retreat is run over 10 sessions using our Online Live platform.

The sessions are intimate, personalised and you can participate safely from the comfort of your own home with no travel required. 

Find out more HERE


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