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Introduction to Developing Emotional Intelligence with NLP


You’ve been looking at some of our articles and watching some of the content – do you want to meet face to face?

We’ve got an EQ-Day coming up. A live, one-day introduction into Developing your Emotional Intelligence with NLP.

It’s a great risk-free opportunity for you to see what this is all about, live.

For you to ask questions, see demonstrations and change some things – as well as learn how to do it.

This one-day introduction is about building the skills of self-awareness, self-management, self-motivation and interpersonal skills.


In a single intensive one-day session, you’ll discover:

  • How to know what you really want from life – and how to set practical goals to get you where you want to be.

  • How to silence your inner critic, stop second-guessing yourself and overcome your fear of failure.

  • How to create instant, lasting rapport with others – increasing your network of friends and professional contacts for a richer life full of fun and opportunity.

  • How to turbo-charge your motivation so you get more done in less time.

  • How to build bullet-proof confidence in who you really are and what you have to offer the world – and how to stay confident no matter what life throws at you.

If you want to grow, build and develop your Emotional Intelligence and you want to check us out live in a hassle-free, risk-free kind of way, come and join us for our upcoming EQ Day where we get to meet you face-to-face 🙂

See you in The Room! 


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