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Food and Success: What Commonalities Do These Two Share?

Whatever you put in your mouth and consume each day could possibly make the difference between living a profoundly productive or an anemic lifestyle.


The “you are what you eat” saying definitely rings true here. This is because people who think of themselves as champions also see their bodies as an extension of this greatness and nourish it accordingly.


Many people seem to forget that every part of the human body (internal and external) are all interconnected. While the food they consume technically goes straight to their stomach (and not the brain), the inherent nutrients in the food are extracted and sent via the bloodstreams to every single appendage of the body, which also includes the brain.


The healthy food that we eat delivers the much-needed energy and nourishment that our body needs while junk food moves fat and causes us to be leached of energy.


Translation:  In order to keep every part of your body working in optimum condition, eating the right type of food is essential.


Let’s explore other commonalities that food and success share:


 a) Affects productivity levels

Just like a vehicle, your brain requires top-notch fuel to run smoothly. When it comes to your job, the ability to work more efficiently can have a positive impact on you earning more; reason being that high achievers are typically the top candidates in line for promotions and salary increases.


There have been many reports that have purported heightened levels of focus shortly after people improve their diets. Furthermore, it is stated that individuals who ate poorly put themselves at a 66% disadvantage of low productivity.


 b) Impacts your mood

The content of what you eat affects your brain and by extension the parts that control your mood. While it is hard to pinpoint a particular food that acts as a guaranteed antidepressant, having a stable blood sugar (made possible through healthy nutrition) will make you feel so much better overall.


Food items like fruits, whole grains, vegetables that have a lot of vitamins and minerals, and are rich in omega-3 fats (like nuts, salmon, and other fish) are said to contribute towards low-risk of depression.


It is a blessing to function stress-free, efficiently at work (and in life) devoid of depression or any mood altering medication.


 c) Saves you money

If you’re someone who responds better to numerics or dollar amount, here’s one for you – eating the right kind of food means you’ll be less likely to fall ill and spend money on medical treatments.


Bottom line: an apple a day keeps the doctor away and money in your pocket.


Do bear in mind that the effect of your dietary choices extends beyond physical appearances but also into all areas of your life.


Get motivated and start today!


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