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Here’s Why You Can’t Become Successful Without Failing

Nothing good they say comes easy.

The sweet wine of success comes at a very steep cost – which typically involves some level of failure.

A common trait that all successful people have is their perseverance through failure – that’s what gets them to the other side of accomplishment.

If you’ve ever wondered why the pathway to success is a narrow road with the hurdles of failure, the following three points are worth considering.

Immense Learning Abilities

One of the great things about failure is that it induces self-reflection.

Once we fail at a task or any other endeavour, we’re forced to go back to the drawing board, retrace our steps, uncover the mistakes, and then re-strategise.

This course of action helps with the genuine learning about any subject matter, which would not have been otherwise gleaned from smooth-sailing success.

One doesn’t have to look too far: our greatest historical inventors, fearless business pundits and sports athletes, all have gone through a period of failure, extracted key nuggets of information which they then used to transform their careers and the world as a whole.

They say experience is the best teacher, well, we might want to reconsider that adage to say, failure is the best teacher.

Optimise Full Potential
Failure also forces you to think outside of the box, explore different avenues, consider unconventional perspectives, and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

With failure, you’re able to uncover your inner strength, and ultimately, reach your fullest potential – a height you wouldn’t have achieved if you weren’t initially unsuccessful.

Develop Resilience
The people who go through the ringer and attain success end up developing a fearless mindset rooted in fortitude.

Resilience is a significant characteristic that is readily applicable, and beneficial, to every area of our lives.

Hopefully, these factors have positively altered the way you see failure and how it relates to success.


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