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How NLP opens the door to ‘global thinking’

We live in a world of pluralism – one that is characteristic of varied persuasions and twine-thick interconnectivity. As a result, the need to have an all-inclusive and global mindset that leans towards the think-globally-act-locally philosophy is fundamental.

Despite this 21st century perception precondition, not everyone places a huge emphasis or investment in it. This kind of thinking – most would assume – is typically reserved for those in “higher places”: people who essentially occupy some position of power. 

On the contrary!

Thinking globally is a proficiency that everyone regardless of social status or class should adopt in order to be a well-rounded individual in this day and age. The good thing is that is it can be encouraged – here’s how:

  • Developing an insatiable curiosity
    It is often said that information is the new oil – understandably so, since we live in an age of big data. Plus, the Internet has broken down the once dictatorial dams of intelligence (erected and fortified by a select few) and made it democratic, and available to all.

    One of the chief tenants to having a worldview mindset is being well informed. While staying abreast of current events or tracking political activities is a step in the right direction, one needs to go the extra mile by always asking why – this is the foundation to cultivating a healthy kind of curiosity. 

    Asking why challenges one to get the fundamentals and history of a conversation, topic or event – you never take things at face value. This then affords you an understanding that isn’t anemic but wholesome.

    Knowledge they say is power – it also gives purpose.
  • Realising that there are three views to a coin
    In addition to asking why and developing a healthy curiosity, another way to adopt a global mindset is realizing that nothing exists in a binary (i.e. good or bad, black or white).

    Additionally, with the way technology has made everyone and everything interdependent, there are now webs of complex connectivity – gone are the days when things fell neatly into two palatable pails.

    The benefit of this kind of proposal is that one refrains from the kind of thinking that is marinated in a stew dogma and prevents mental fluidity. It also encourages one to be nimble and adaptable to change (and as we all know, change is an ever constant occurrence in this day and age).

  • Welcome a contrarian perspective
    By being accommodating of people who are contrarian – not for the sake of being contentious or argumentative, but genuinely see the world from a different point of view – is a rich way to glean an understanding of the world from a perspective that might have initially eluded you.

Whether or not you agree with them isn’t the primary focus, the real goal here is to develop a bandwidth for inclusivity. The more all-encompassing one is in their thinking, the more they can make astute and seminal decisions. 

It also shows a deep empathy and also heightened emotional intelligence.

With these few suggestions, you would hopefully begin to see and think of the world through a macro lens – one which is a rich kaleidoscope of ideas and opinions that can stand the test of time.


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