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How to Use NLP Time Lines to Move Forward

“We are already free, except for the prisons we hold in mind” – Joseph Scott

Is the past holding you back?

Learn how to permanently let it go with one powerful technique. 

Hey NLP-ers, James here and in this article I am going to teach you an accelerated technique from NLP Master Prac to completely let go of the past and how it has defined you. Because here’s the thing, it hasn’t, except in mind.


Now why should you read this article? Because your potential is being held hostage by your past. Here is a metaphor to show you how:


Imagine for a moment, holding an apple in your hand with your arm straight and outstretched in front of you. How heavy would that feel? Probably not that heavy. But what if you held it for an hour? What if you held it all day? All year? All decade…? How heavy is the apple now? Suddenly it seems to weigh a ton. Now imagine holding many, many apples, because you are. Only they aren’t apples, they are your past – past hang-ups, hurts, beliefs, references and definitions about who you are and are not.


And here’s the point that I am highlighting – the longer you carry something the heavier it weighs you down, and what you have linked as being a part of your identity – you have been carrying around for a LONG time. 


The technique I am going to teach you in this article is a powerful NLP Master Prac life hack for letting all of that baggage go.


Welcome to the wonderful world of TIMELINING and the “Rewriting your core story”technique.


Here is what you can do with it:

* Free your personal development and potential in the present, from the influence of past experiences and events. 

* Let go of long held negative emotions and self-sabotaging identities. 
Re-energise your emotional intelligence and vitality with a clean mental, emotional slate. 

* Intrigued? Then read on for the main points you need to know, followed by the Core Story technique. 

* Did you know that nothing means anything until a frame of reference has been put around it? 

* Your sense of “self” is defined by many such references (called memories) – all of them existing in the past. 

* All memories are partial and subjective i.e. they contain only the 7 bits of information you managed to capture, and were only able to be interpreted from the younger perspective you had at that time. 

* In other words, who you take yourself to be is a construction from partial and subjective references.

* In short – your personality is a walking talking meta-state stack! How fascinating! And if it’s a meta-state stack… we can change it. How fantastic!


Here’s how – The Core Story Technique:

1. Write out all of the significant events in your history (significant to you).


2. Write how they are all linked – what do each of these events mean/say about you? How have they defined you? 


3. Capture the theme – what is the theme aka the “core story” running through each of these events?


4. Quality check – how does this theme, this core story show up today? Honour what it has allowed you to do and experience that is valuable, and acknowledge what it has prevented you from, and cost you.


5. Representationally put the valuable components of your core story aside, safe in the knowledge that you will still have the power to choose these behaviours and experiences after this technique is done.


6. With only the un-resourceful components of the Core Story remaining, it’s time to disconfirm and META NO your core story and it’s limiting definition of you.


7. Using your NLP skills access, amplify and apply your most powerful state of disconfirmation, your META NO, to the core story.

* Does this core story bring out your absolute best?

* Does it make your life a party? Would you recommend it to others?

* Does it enable you to live out your potential in the present?


8. As you apply your META NO to your core story, representationally let it go. You might like to scrunch up what you have written down and throw it in the fireplace/rubbish or imaging tieing it to a balloon that’s headed straight to the sun, whatever works for you.

9. Notice how this changes your mind-body-emotional system. Is this right for you? 

10. If it is, you can finish the technique at this point, otherwise you are now free to rewrite and welcome in (META YES) new and more resourceful meanings of your choosing about the events of the past.


And you’re done!

Complete this technique and your representations of the past are free to disperse like clouds in the sky, no longer being meta-stated as legitimate and valuable.


Want more?

If you want to know more about time lines then the NLP training to engage with is NLP Master Prac. We spend three days on Master Practitioner training you how to vanquish the phantoms of the past and let the present moment define you.


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