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How I transformed my life and my career in four years with NLP

Four years ago I came across NLP at the Coaching Room.

At the time I was working in finance, I had just recently been promoted, I was earning money, I was in a relationship, and had friends enough for a social life. Things were good… but they weren’t great.

The job wasn’t very meaningful to me; it was simply the highest paid position I could find in a field I was told from an early age was prestigious. I didn’t wake up in the morning thinking YES I get to go to work today and because of this, my motivation was mostly external. When things were going well, I felt good, when they weren’t work felt like a chore. This left me awake at night with the existential dread of wondering to myself is this is the life I would look back on with pride? Or the regret of missed opportunity?

My health was mediocre and the results I achieved short term. For a long time I had intended to get fit and healthy, but a lack of intention and discipline meant I wasn’t really making any progress. I was distracted by what was immediate rather than focused on what ultimately mattered most to me so I would make a start, get some progress and a few weeks later forget about it completely.

I was also prone to self-judgemental and perfectionism. So no matter what I achieved it never really felt like it was good enough, it never really felt like I had enough, and I never really quite seemed to be enough. The result was that my confidence never really matched my achievements. I unnecessarily doubted my abilities, and I didn’t go for opportunities that were well within my grasp.

I was living a pretty conventional life. Moving a lot but without being sure if I was going anywhere worth going. You ever feel like that?

Then one day I came across this NLP Practitioner program at The Coaching Room.

The first thing to crack for me on the program was that meaningfulness was down to me. It wasn’t the job that lacked meaning; it was me. I had no idea what I wanted in life because I hadn’t taken the time to ask and to answer. When they taught me how to do that, everything changed. My motivation stopped depending on the external world and instead came from within. I started getting more done, in less time, and rather than being a headache, I enjoyed doing it.

The second thing to change was learning how to find and connect with my deepest values and intentions. How to live life on purpose, and know what I am about as a person. Because of this, I was able to focus on what really mattered to me; I started to say yes to things I cared about and stop giving my attention and energy to things that didn’t matter. I stopped staying awake at night wondering, and I started to sleep easy knowing that where I was headed was actually where I wanted to go.

The third thing that happened was I got to see just how low my emotional intelligence was. I was reserving perfectionism and judgement for the people who mattered most in my life, and the person I subjected to the worst of it was me. That was a choice I was making. Realising I was making that choice, and I didn’t have to, was painful and groundbreaking. Because of it, I learned how to harness my thinking, and my emotions in a way that allowed me to make real and sustainable changes to my relationships. I relaxed, I stopped walking around with a stick up my ass, and I calmed down. The people around me responded, and my relationships grew.     

And this was all just a few days into the first program. I got such immense value of NLP that in the span of 2 years I ended up doing all of the NLP Programs at the Coaching Room and even the Coach Training programs.

Over this two year period, here’s what changed:

I transformed my personal and professional relationships to the point where I had the confidence and self-assuredness to connect with anyone, privately or even on stage in front of an audience.  

The roller coaster of self-esteem and noise on the inside stopped completely as I ceased the perfectionistic judgements and gave myself permission to have unconditional self-esteem.

I grew a pair of balls, ignored the naysayers around me and left my career in finance to pursue something I discovered I loved – Coaching. I got good enough at it that The Coaching Room asked me to come and work with them.

Over the next two years:

  • With the skills that I learned at The Coaching Room, I went from – $0 Practicing Coach to $1,000ph Executive Coach and Internationally Certified NLP Trainer.
  • I married the love of my life, and we bought our house together.
  • I became a Director in the Company that I had just a few years previously been a student of.

In four years I completely changed the trajectory of my life with what I learned from The Coaching Room. And there is nothing special about me. In fact, I have seen countless other students now replicate that same level of success in their own way and in their own lives. What’s special is that NLP at The Coaching Room is a methodology that teaches you to access resources and mobilise your strengths in an extraordinary way. I am sharing this with you because I am wondering what hidden resources lie within you? What untapped potentials have you not yet learned to realise? If you’re wondering that too, maybe it’s time to find out. You have waited long enough, haven’t you?  

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