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Keeping Lists is a Great Tool for Self­-Improvement

You know that person at work who you mildly tease for having a desk littered with sticky notes, or who would never be caught dead without a notebook to scribble into?


Well, you might want to take your ribbing back! The reason being that the act of journaling, or keeping lists, is a common characteristic and self-improvement tool amongst successful people.


Guess we now have your full attention?


If you’re not exactly keen on writing things down, let alone keeping lists, here are some reasons why you might want to reconsider that position.


Benefit 1: Enhances accountability

By putting your thoughts on paper or a screen (and arranging them in order of importance) with the intention of creating a list gives you both perfect clarity and a sense of purpose.


Such an action allows people to come to terms with the reality of what needs to get done, and in so doing, they assume the onus of making those tasks come to fruition.


If you think about it, that’s why most productive meetings end with a synopsis and next steps (which typically has the designated list of roles and responsibilities).


Benefit 2: It is therapeutic

The act of keeping list helps you give a method to the madness, which in turn is cathartic. This is especially true in moments when, for example, you’re working on a particular large-scale project that has so many people involved with different roles, and other moving parts; keeping a list not only helps you avoid costly mistakes, but also acts as a way to purge/declutter your mind.


Creative types – who sometimes have a bunch of rampant and random thoughts floating around – also find writing things down helpful.


Benefit 3: Reduces anxiety

Another excellent reason for keeping list is due to its tension-free capabilities. Because you’re forced to organise your thoughts in order of magnitude, it gives you a sense of control, and the tasks then seem achievable, and ultimately, makes you less likely to be fearful.


Benefit 4: Increases one’s confidence

The sense of accomplishment that you feel when a task is completed and you cross (or tick) it off your list is exhilarating. It gives you the encouragement to keep on going till the very end so you can achieve greater self-improvement.

Are you now fully convinced about the many advantages of list-keeping? If so, then you’re on your way to becoming more productive; you’ll be glad you did.



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