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Releasing Anxiety – The Coaching Room

Do you ever struggle with anxiety?  Do you find yourself worrying about things that haven’t happened yet?  Anxiety is about systematically replaying worst case scenarios over and over in your mind.

Anxiety is a common struggle for many people. There are all kinds of strategies for dealing with it. What is often overlooked is that anxiety is actually a skill. In order to have anxiety, you have to have a vivid imagination. Anxiety is fear about something that may or may not happen in the future.  For anxiety to exist, you have to imagine an event where everything goes wrong and you don’t have the resources to deal with the situation.  People in this state often try to think of contingency plans to accommodate their anxieties because they seem so real.  While emotions make it seem real, anxiety is a fear of something that exists only in your mind.

In this video James Hayes, Director of Coaching and Public Trainings here at The Coaching Room, will take you through:

  • Understanding the difference between fear and anxiety
  • How to identify your anxiety
  • Conceptualising the struggle with anxiety
  • Strategies for stopping imagined fears
  • Using your mind effectively
  • Ending your anxiety


Releasing Anxiety


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