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Run your brain more effectively with the first 2 of my 15 simple tips!


“There are two ways to slide easily through life; to believe everything or doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking.” 
― Alfred Korzybski

G’Day, Joseph here from The Coaching Room, thanks for checking out the first 2 of my 15 simple tips for running your brain more effectively. Once you have read these, I hope that these tips provide you some value and some meaningful action points that you can use to improve the quality of your own life, as they have helped me in mine.

Each tip will be gaining greater awareness, an action or attitude to try on or an opportunity for self-reflection. Perhaps spend a day with each one over the next few weeks. Let’s get on.

TIP#1- Relax- Meet The World Where It Is

If you have had a difficult time recently, maybe relationally, financially or with health, it can be easy to get caught by our brain’s powerful ability to recreate the entire world inside our head.  We often spend a lot of time wandering around in the world our mind has created for us; daydreaming, playing scenario’s etc.-

Now, there is no real problem here, UNLESS! We are re-creating this world to avoid seeing or experiencing the real world. That starts to look and sound like; that ‘shouldn’t have happened’ or ‘People should…’ ‘That is not right; there must be something wrong with them, the world or worse, me’. These kinds of running your brain take a lot of effort, energy and vitality. Todays tip is to; Relax, try meeting the world as it is, let go of resisting reality, stop ‘shoulding’ all over yourself and other people and ‘must-erbating’ everywhere. ☺

TIP#2- Realise today that you cannot fail!

Many of us carry around a fear of failing, of not being able, or of being good enough. Worse, many people carry failure around as a sense of personal identity; I’m a failure! As a parent, partner or even as a human being! Sometimes running our brain in this way is just ‘occasionally’, for others this thinking occurs regularly, even on a daily basis, and for a few this is their constant state of thinking and behaving.

I have had people say to me when coaching them; ‘I always fail’ ‘. ‘That’s interesting’, I respond with, ‘I have never met someone so successful at being a failure’ ☺

So, here is a question for YOU; have you ever actually seen ‘failure’? Have you ever come across a hunk of failure, maybe in the fridge?  I doubt you have. This is mainly because; failure does not exist. I’ll write this again; save you re-reading it ☺ FAILURE DOES NOT EXIST. You cannot even actually fail at anything!

Today, realise this, that so long as you are alive, you can keep trying at anything and everything, even if you think you have ‘failed’ before, you have not, you have simply decided not to try and realize or achieve this thing any longer. And, if that is not true, then you are still trying, which is also not failure, is it.

The only exception to this principle is if you have been trying something and before you realize it, you die, then, and only then, we may say you failed to do, be or realize something, but, you will be dead and it truly wont matter to you anymore ☺ – Leave failing and being a failure for the dead and live a life where you realise that you can choose to keep trying until you reach your objectives.

Well, thanks for reading. If you are interested in NLP or finding out; what is NLP simply go get the rest of these tips ☺. Even if you are into life coaching or have an executive or NLP coach already, these tip can still add to the richness and the effectiveness of how you run you ☺

See you in the room!

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