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The Neuro-Semantic Presuppositions

The Neuro-Semantic Presuppositions

In Neuro-Semantics we have been adding some of our premises to the list of NLP presuppositions.

  •  Energy flows where attention goes as directed by intention.
  •  Because each of us creates our own meanings about things, we are the meaning-makers who construct our own unique Matrix.
  • Questioning activates the Matrix of our Minds and is one of the most powerful communication skills of all.
  • Personal power and congruency comes from “applying to self” first.
  •  Being ‘gloriously fallible’ is the meta-state that inoculates us from fear of failure, vulnerability and mistakes.
  •  Productivity comes through closing the knowing-doing gap so that what we know in our mind can become part of our muscle memory.
  •  Only sensory specific feedback is clean enough to be useful and only then if it’s requested.
  •  The sanity line is drawn between responsibility to others and responsibility for ourselves.
  •  Where there is a frame, there’s a game. Where there’s a game, there’s a frame.
  •  There are frames-by-inference in everything we think and say.
  •  When you win the inner game, the outer game is a cinch.
  •  Someone is always setting the frames; and…whoever sets the frame, manages the game. The name of the game is to…name the game.

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