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There is no Such Thing as Failure

One of the most common fears is the fear of failure. This fear leads to procrastination and performance anxiety, which only serves to hold you back.  If you have a fear of failure in your life, this video is for you.

To consider that you failed at something, you have to freeze time. When you do this, you delete every single moment beyond that frame, eliminating any opportunity to learn and grow from the experience. Learning is a process. You need to try repeatedly in order to get the feedback you need to really learn how to do something.

In this video James Hayes, Director of Coaching and Public Trainings here at The Coaching Room, will take you through:

  • Looking at the results compared to the expectation
  • Making the decision to continue trying
  • How trying gives you more information
  • The more information you have, the closer you get to success
  • Repetition gives you the feedback you need to make adjustments
  • The more adjustments you make the closer you get to the desired results

Let go of the notion of failing and give yourself to what you want to master.


Theres no such thing as failure


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