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Top 5 NLP Techniques to Improve Your Personal Performance

The Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), teaches you that people are only able to see the world based on their feelings and perceptions. That what they are seeing is in fact not the real world, but rather a filtered version based on their beliefs, experiences, values, and some other factors. Using NLP techniques can help you develop in areas of your life and contribute to improving your personal performance and understanding of how people function. Learn how to master your communication skills and emotional intelligence through these NLP techniques which you can practice for controlling your life and mind.



The anchoring NLP method is essential for pulling up a certain emotion, or putting yourself in a particular state of mind. It can be used on yourself, or on another person. It works by associating an emotion with a physical action and is called laying the anchor.


For example, if you wanted to pull the emotion happiness, you would start by thinking about times you were euphoric. You want to tell the story of what happened that led up to this moment in your head. Think of how it felt and go into a lot of detail. Recall the moment and the feelings.


Next, hold your left index and middle fingers in your right hands. You want to give them two squeezes. On the second squeeze, think of your happy moment and try to multiply the feeling. Once again describe how you feel, what you are thinking and press your fingers twice. As you press the second time, let the happy feeling double. Do this five times. Later on, you can use those motions to bring back that sense of happiness.


If you were to do this to another person, you could use a simple touch of the arm to anchor them.


Meta Model

The meta model NLP technique is used to help you understand other people’s problems. It can also be used to help you help others understand their problems better. The goal is to deconstruct the conversation, to help you find the cause of the problem, as well as a solution to that problem.


More often than not, when someone has a problem, subconsciously the answer is known, but often, the obvious solution is something they don’t like. This lack of uncertainty causes the problem to continue, in hopes that a new solution will eventually come up. By deconstructing the way someone words their problem, you can help them find a solution.



Mirroring is one the most important NLP techniques you should know. Being good at mirroring will be very helpful as it’s hard to dislike someone who knows how to do this. It is the mimicking of behaviors of the person with whom you are communicating. This simulation is done subtlety and usually unconsciously.


Ways to do this include copying someone’s speech patterns, body language, vocabulary style, pace, tempo, pitch, tone, and volume.



The framing NLP technique is used to increase or decrease the feeling of emotions. It is an excellent method to use along with some of the others.


In life, you will experience good and bad moments. These will help you learn and grow in life. Memories, however, do not have emotions attached to them. This detachment is because memories and emotions occur in separate parts of the brain. So at the moment, you will experience feelings, and then you’ll be able to recall them.


The hippocampus is the part of the brain responsible for storage of long term memories. The amygdala is the part of the brain that controls emotions. When you recall a memory from the hippocampus, the amygdala will give you a quick little reminder of the emotions you felt. Because of this, it is possible to change the feeling that relevant to a particular memory.


Pattern Interruption

Pattern interruption is used to store words into the subconscious mind of a listener. This technique is another one that is great to combine with others.


To do this, you must lure the listener’s thoughts into a type of sequence or pattern. Once the model takes hold, you pull them out of the paradigm for a critical moment before completing the form. The listener’s subconscious mind will be anticipating the pattern to manifest while the conscious mind is currently distracted.


By mastering NLP, you can change the way you think, view the past, and approach your life with a different mindset. It can help strengthen your communication abilities and improve your emotional intelligence. It’s a way to control your mind which helps you better control your life. With the techniques discussed in this article, you are one step closer to achieving personal and professional growth. These are just a few techniques that are essential to this program, but there are plenty more than you can adopt by enrolling in an NLP course.



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