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Unconditional Esteem

Let’s face it, we all have moments of low self-esteem.  As you work toward building your self-esteem, take a moment to look at the words themselves.  It’s called self-esteem because it’s about how you esteem yourself.  Self-esteem is something that comes from within.

Too often people try to find their self-worth through actions, possessions, or relationships. Are you trying to prove yourself so other people can see your value in order to give yourself permission to value yourself? Unfortunately, this is a losing battle.  You can’t derive value from those things because it’s not called “other-esteem.” You have to realise your value from within. The more conditions you place on whether or not you’ll value yourself, the harder it is to experience your own self-value.

Allow yourself to be unconditionally valuable in your own experience. When you do this, you’ll be able to be more and do more. Finding value within yourself allows you to live your life as an expression of who you are and an expression of your self-worth. Life shouldn’t be about a desperate need to fill some deficiency that only exists because you are looking for it. Give yourself permission to value yourself no matter what the situation.

In this video James Hayes, Director of Coaching and Public Trainings here at The Coaching Room, will take you through:

  • How to stop looking to others for your value
  • Seeing value within yourself
  • Embracing unconditional value in your own experiences
  • Finding a place of power to remove desperation and need from your life


Unconditional Esteem


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