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Using the Experience of Travel to Practice Awareness

When travelling it can be an opportunity to practice awareness. If you are in the process of uncovering what ‘pushes your buttons’ and then managing the outcome travelling in an unfamiliar environment and working with what arises is an opportunity to delve deeper into your hidden drivers. It can also assist to uncover unresourceful states and provide opportunities to create resourceful states.

Think about turning up to an airport overseas for an internal flight, from one part of the country to another. It’s 7.30 at night, your bags are packed ready for the next stage of your adventure, you don’t speak the language, your transfer and hotel are all booked for you in the next city and you’re on holiday.


You arrive at the counter early and feeling completely organised and the person behind the counter smiles and says ‘sorry madam flight cancelled’. Imagine yourself in that situation. What arises for you? What happens in your body? Fear? Anxiety? Anger? Stomach in a knot? Breathing short? Heart racing? What thoughts come crashing in? OMG!! I’m stranded. Where am I going to stay tonight? What are THEY going to do about it?


It is at this stage you can melt into old habits, unresourceful states, raised voices, unkind behaviour. Or….. you can utilise this as practice. The flight has been cancelled; there is nothing you can do about that. Be aware of what resistance arises, watch it float up, acknowledge it, understand this may have served you in the past but does it serve you now? Is there a more resourceful state you can access, one that doesn’t lead to an increased heart rate and a sense of panic? Try that one on. Don’t do your old pattern.


As you are travelling become aware of the voice of judgement and comparison arising. Gain awareness of what you are resisting and practise non-resistance. Some countries offer an opportunity to explore your sense of time… you can fall into old patterns of frustration and complaint or you can play with a new experience of time.


As you travel take note of how much of the day you are really aware – just basically aware of what life is presenting rather than being lost in waking sleep. Once you get back from your travels you can then carry this practice into your day to day life, maintaining awareness of how often you unconsciously drift from one form of comfort to another and the ways in which you avoid really being with your life. Every day can become one of adventure as you practice experiencing each moment and the opportunities it presents. You can embrace each moment to become truly awake to who you really are, to the vastness of your true nature, unbroken and perfect.


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