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Weekend digital detox – The Coaching Room

Since I’ve been acutely aware of how our attention gets pulled away with technology each and every day, I’ve also found a great way to re-own my weekends as well.
This tip is super simple, and involves your mobile phone.

Why consider making a change?

I love technology and how it connects people, but lately I see the wave of disconnection from the world at large (open awareness) due to concentration on our online lives.

Or putting it another way, we have become our phones’ bitch, and that seems just wrong.


If you feel like this in any way, consider conducting an experiment for your weekends…

  • Turn off all Social Notifications, or work notifications (e.g. Slack channels) at the end of your work week
  • Remove (don’t uninstall) your email and social apps from the home screen of your mobile – this will stop them nagging you when you glance at the phone

This, combined with a grander digital detox, will reduce the amount of times you get pulled into ‘checking’ what is going on instead of being ‘in the world’.


Try it. See the difference. And let us know in the community whether you found yourself to be more ‘free’.


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