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What are the Variables? – The Coaching Room

Everyone wants to succeed in life.  As we look at this notion, the most common question is what do you need to do to be successful. While this is a fair question, it’s not the right question. The problem with this view is that it only looks at a single variable, you.  While you are part of the equation, you aren’t the only part.  

A more holistic and systemic question is to look at what it is that you want and identify all of the variables that are needed to succeed. When you identify the different variables involved you will find that success is about more than just what you can do.  Outside forces impact your success, and you need to take that into account.  

A thorough review of your desire gives you a high-level view that allows you to identify all of the variables that it will take to get what want. Asking this question will give you the big picture oversight. Ignoring this question will get you caught up doing irrelevant things. When you can see all of the variables, you expand your awareness and see things more clearly, and that is what allows you to achieve results.

In this video James Hayes, Director of Coaching and Public Trainings here at The Coaching Room, will take you through:

  • What questions you need to ask to succeed at life
  • Identifying the variables that will allow you to get the things you desire
  • What the situation needs to be for you to have what you want
  • Getting a big picture view to see things more clearly


What are the variables


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