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What is Awakening really ? – The Coaching Room

Written by Anna Vesk for the Coaching Room.

Are you looking for a purpose and meaning for your life?  Do you suffer from poor decisions, confusion, and a lack of clarity?  Are you driven but lacking an agenda?  Does your success feel empty? Are you searching for something that seems illusive? Awakening is a term used in many spiritual circles, but what does it actually mean to ‘Awaken’ and is it a destination or a journey?

Awakening in today’s world




The situation of the contemporary ‘seeker’ is complex. Ancient traditions are mixing with modern psychology. Unprecedented political, economic, and ecological complexities increasingly a part of our time. The various ideals of human awakening that have historically characterized the paths of seekers are no longer relevant, at least not without reframing and new context. Should you go on a three month meditation retreat to dive into the ground of your True Nature, or should you engage in activism, work as a healer, or otherwise express you embodied unique personality? Should you aim to see the world as enchanted, as full of wonder, mystery and meaning, or should your goal be to see it simply as it is, without narrating some story about it? The answer must be: all of the above. To fully awaken is a multi-dimensional affair, in which there are at least seven moments.


7 Moments to Awakening




The purpose and evolution of the  ‘Moment7 System is as a model for enlightening and awakening.  It is a systematic approach to awakening that tends to negate grace and simply hoping that one is worthy for the process of awakening. It directly and pragmatically requires humanity to make an effort by providing a system to follow to your actual outcome.

This Moment7 system is designed with numbered moments, allowing you to assess where you are in your enlightenment and self-realising.  


What does awakening feel like?




Think of awakening as an ongoing ‘inquiry’. The purpose of the inquiry is to support the individual to greater and greater levels of freedom and authenticity. To be more fully able to speak their own truth, from their own heart and gut into the world and their relationships without the concern and attachments to how they would, may, like to be seen or not seen in the eyes of other individuals and society at large; offering a fresh opportunity to explore being themselves and to decide, more fully for themselves what they wish to do and be free from – The Occupant and its voice of the inner judge or critic.


Moments Awake Online Retreat  


The Moments Awake® Retreat is available to select individuals ready to more fully explore their own Human Potential, Peak Performance and possibilities. These are made more fully available through the exploration and dissolution of the representational-self, including, the beliefs, values, identities and other core aspects of the individual’s persona. 

You will complete the Moments Awake Retreat, much more fully awake, much more able to direct and deepen your own awakening; Aware and skilled in the use of the Moment7 model and skilled with a  systemic approach toward your fullest Enlightenment.




Our retreat is run over 10 sessions using our Online Live platform.

The sessions are intimate, personalised and you can participate safely from the comfort of your own home with no travel required.

Find out more HERE


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