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What is NLP and Why should you become and NLP Practitioner?


What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a communications model. In other words, it is the study of how you communicate with yourself – how your mind, emotions and behaviour work together to create your subjective experience. The unique advantage of NLP is that it teaches you how to work with and make sustainable changes in your attitude, your emotional responses, your communication and your relationships. Why? So that you can achieve an uncommon level of success through self-actualisation of your potential. In a nutshell – it’s the study of personal excellence.


Who is NLP for?

NLP is for you if you are interested in developing yourself and your communication skills – personally and/or professionally. For example, in learning NLP, you will learn more than 20 different ways to actively listen; to yourself and others. You can listen for tonal changes, presuppositions in speech, changes in breathing rate, eye accessing cues, beliefs, values, identity structures, Meta programs and the list goes on. The benefits of learning how to listen at a deeper level include more intimate conversations, deeper levels of trust, rapport and greater influence.


Typically our students are (but not restricted to) working professionals in the following areas:

  • Professional Coaching
  • Sports Coaching
  • Leadership and Business
  • Human Resources
  • Learning and Development
  • Training and Public Speaking
  • Sales
  • Marketing professionals
  • Therapy & Counselling
  • Banking and Finance
  • Personal Training and Athlete development
  • Entreprenuers


So why do people learn it?

Most people learn NLP because they aren’t satisfied with the results of their habitual ways of processing – mindset,  emotions, and behaviours. They want to achieve more, do more, have the skills to connect more deeply with others, be more confident, motivated and self-assured. Be more influential with others and have more impact in the world. They also might want to help others do the same (coaching, facilitation etc..)

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to change their mindset, eliminate distractions or harness and choose their emotions at will – and struggle to change the behaviours they want to change long term. In fact:

  • Less than 5% of people regularly set and take action on Well Formed Outcomes largely due to a fear of failure.
  • Many people don’t know what they want, let alone what they have to do to get it.
  • And if they do know, often unconscious patterns of emotion, thought & behaviour get in the way of success.


What can you do with NLP?

  • You’ll learn how to change the way that you think so that you can think more strategically. This means sleeping easy at night knowing that the decisions you are making are the best decisions for now.  
  • You will learn how to change what you believe so that you can get rid of unresourceful and outdates self-beliefs. With this comes more confidence and less stress.  
  • You will learn how to manage your emotions and access and amplify powerful states of mind so that you can do whatever needs to be done to achieve the life you want to live. This means freedom from fear and anxiety, getting in the zone, and enjoying what you do.  
  • You learn how to change your behaviours, so that you can work smarter not harder. This means getting more done and having greater impact with less work and less effort.  
  • You will learn how to build relationships and communicate with influence so that you can be the leader that other people want to follow. This means fewer arguments with your co-workers, clients or your kids, more agreement and win/win/win.  
  • Is that what you want?


Why should you learn it?

Well, that answer is up to you. Here’s what we know – the greatest investment you could ever make is an investment in your own development. The world is waiting for your best. Your family, your friends, your co-workers, your clients, all the people you touch – you – are all impacted by your potential.



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