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What’s giggling got to do with Enlightenment?

Written by Anna Vesk for the Moments Awake®.

Have you ever found yourself internally disagreeing with something that someone has said and giggling as a default reaction…even though it’s far from a joke? What’s really going on here?


Where giggling fits on the Moment 7 System.




Using the Moment 7 System, a physical reaction such as giggling, an immediate reaction or energy exiting the body in some form relates to moment one, the awareness of which is the first step in the seven step journey to enlightenment.




In Moment 1, we exist, our relationships exist and our body exists. If someone says something to us out in the world it enters through moment 1 and into Moment 2 and 3 which are the moments of thinking being and feeling being as the ‘Occupant’ (ego). These moments interact with each other like a figure of eight where the energy circulates and we might say to ourself ‘what would you know about that?’ This energy can build up and a physical reaction such as giggling or a swift retort distracts it back out into moment one. Many of our interactions oscillate between Moment 1, 2 and 3 in this way which allows the Occupant to have control of our reactions both physical and emotional.


Moving through Moments.



So what alternative can we access? Moment 4 (Being Me) relates to our whole Being, our centre and our True-Self realisation. When thoughts and feelings of the Occupant reach the awareness of Moment 4, they will dissipate rather than being spat back out of the body in a reaction to the thinking/feeling ‘self talk’ of the Occupant in reactions such as giggling or anger. To allow for this process, when information comes into the body, we need to direct it to this Moment 4 centre located around our navel where it dissipates into emptiness and Moment 2 and 3 no longer have energy to create internal chatter.

An indication that you have reached a place beyond the Occupant is to hear something either delightful or adverse in the outside world and for it to fall into a peaceful emptiness within. The speed at which this happens is the degree in which you have access to moment 4 verses 2/3. This critical access means you are no longer at the mercy of The Occupant’s reactions to the world.


Degrees of dissipation.




These degrees of dissipation don’t happen overnight. Say for example you are handed a derogatory comment. At the start of this journey you might respond immediately with something reactive, then with some practise you might still respond immediately and also ruminate on the comment for hours on end thanks to moment 2 and 3. A goal is to reach a place where after a tiny moment, the derogatory comment becomes completely irrelevant.


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