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Who Are you (Not)?

Written by Jay Hedley for The Enneagram

What is the Enneagram?

An Enneagram is a system of personality typing, based on the patterns evident in how we interpret the world, and in how we manage our emotions as we do so.

The name comes from the Greek word Ennea, meaning nine, and Gramma which means drawn or written.

The symbol itself has its roots in antiquity and can be traced all the way back to the works of Pythagoras.

The Enneagram is essentially a model of the human psyche, which is principally taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types (often called ‘enneatypes’), defining them in relation to the corresponding points of the geometric enneagram symbol, and referencing the subtle connections between each personality type.


We are of course so much more complex than any personality test…

Instead we are ultimately defined by our capacity for inner transformation and our journey towards liberation.

A process of emancipation that essentially marks the beginning of freedom from the constraints of our defined personalities, and therefore the key to our personal freedom.

The plot twist?

We are not, and cannot be, who we think we are.

Which brings us to who we are (not).

Throughout the course of The Coaching Room programs we often refer to the different personality types: “that sounds like you’re an 8” or “hey this sounds like you’re a 9” – but what we’re really communicating here is that these are the sets of patterns we  recognise within you.


Self-realisation vs. Self actualisation

This personality analysis is essential, but personality analysis alone is insufficient for full and complete self-actualisation.

It cannot and will not facilitate full self-realisation.

Which is why The Coaching Room program encompasses both.

Firstly dealing with self-actualisation, before expanding into the area of self-realisation.

For example, the more self aware among us may well have had our suspicions confirmed when we took The Coaching Room Enneagram Test and predominantly identified as a personality type we’re well known to relate to.

But the fact remains that the test is fundamentally a pointer.

It’s not the whole answer.


Who are we really?

Rather it’s the beginning of answering certain questions we have about ourselves.

Which, in this context, through the examination of what the results tell us, allows us to begin the work of unraveling who we (really) are.

Furthermore these questions we pose are the genesis of self-inquiry (the final result of which is… death), so instead of hurtling full speed ahead towards the finish line, the beauty of this program is to savour the process,  learning critical life lessons about who we are (not) along the way.

Self-development and Coaching with The Enneagram is a self-paced course designed to unpack the nature and instincts of each Enneagram type.  You will learn how to apply the Enneagram to your personal and professional development as well as that of your colleagues or coaching clients. 

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