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Louise Walker

Developmental Coach

Clients arrive with me when they are ready to truly look at themselves. When they are ready to step up, step out of their story, their self-imposed limitations – and to step fully into their potential. When working with me as their Developmental coach, clients experience a ruthlessly compassionate coaching conversation. Our coaching sessions uncover their blind spots, self sabotage tendencies, and un-resourceful thinking patterns.

This experience delivers the profound and beautifully disruptive process of the unravelling of their inner world. Understanding their inner game, then allows my clients to shine the light of truth onto what’s been holding them back and unnecessarily consuming their time, energy and focus. And with this deeper understanding of self, my clients are then able to CHOOSE. To choose how they show up, to choose where to use their heart-beats; and to choose to own the ever-changing and emerging truth of who they really are.