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Mary-Anne Scott

Developmental Coach

Mary-Anne is dedicated to personal mastery, understanding the neuro-science and psyche of the human mind. She brings leading edge technologies into the corporate world to promote conscious communication, and freedom for individuals and organisations to reach their highest potentials.

Mary-Anne has over 16 years of corporate experience with diverse set of experience across markets (Australia, Singapore, Korea, India & ASEAN), and industries across  Telecoms, Retail & FMCG.

Mary-Anne understands the demands, pressures, culture, dynamics of organizations. Her business management skills, natural curiosity of human behaviour, background in Psychology, and skills as a NLP practitioner brings a diverse skill set to coaching! What sets her apart is her ability to see both the big picture and the detail, from strategy to action. Her commercial and interpersonal astuteness as well as highly developed perception, insights and intuition.