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Nathan Morse

Developmental Coach

Having served as head of one of Europe’s most respected fine jewellery houses for over a decade, and performed as a one-time firm fixture in the international triathlon circuit, I am entirely familiar with the word ‘achievement’. I learnt the hard way how to find work-life-joy balance, and how to cultivate the type of integrated leadership that creates true loyalty and an unquestionable following.

My work couples my own lived experience in facilitating leadership, along with crucial conversations that transform individuals – and their organisations – to their true potential. The type of clients that seek me out are invariably in search of a direct, intentional style of relationship that is armed with tools and resources for impactful self reflection and therefore rapid self development.

Key expectations for anyone coming into work with me: That the leader in the boardroom will be taken into account, as well as the person at home; Truth; Honesty; Questions to challenge and transform; Freedom.