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Phil Cross

Developmental Coach

Leaders, athletes and high-performers across a range of disciplines and industries have engaged me to help unlock their potential.

Through work on transforming the inner game, the very structures through which all humans experience reality, I’ve helped individuals and teams take new perspectives, better leverage their strengths, become aware of, and mitigate, their blind-spots, and ultimately develop the habits and strategies that allow them to show up and perform their life’s work.

Translating insight into action isn’t always easy. I serve as a partner for my clients, providing the accountability, space for reflection and skilful questioning to help facilitate the change they seek.

I’ve worked with leaders in a broad spectrum of industries, including; technology, finance, retail, government, travel, not for profit and social enterprise. As well as my experience in coaching and leadership development, my background in Strategy and Experience Design, coupled with real-world experience leading large teams and reporting to CEOs had given me deep grounding and context for complex organisational challenges.