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Australia, New Zealand, International

Yuliya Schamrel

Developmental Coach

Great humans make great commercial and community leaders, build aligned, purpose-driven teams and create opportunities. Yuliya’s experience and expertise in leadership development, organisational development, coaching and facilitation results from her internal drive to understand how we can experience being human at its best. It is her passion and purpose to support individuals and teams to the place where they can operate at their highest capacity.Yuliya holds several coaching and facilitation qualifications and over a decade of experience in coaching and facilitation in South Africa, North America and Australasia. She is a fully certified Enneagram practitioner in individual and team coaching. She has conducted many Enneagram-centred workshops and coaching sessions and is the only member of the IEQ9 Faculty in the Pacific region.Yuliya lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband, two children and a Hungarian vizsla puppy.