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Coaching Essentials Course

Fears, concerns and limiting beliefs we had as new and less experienced Coaches; is this true for you too:

  • Concerned about imposter syndrome
  • Believing that we have to have a lot of coaching experience to be able to coach
  • Fearful of not know what to ask the client next
  • Concerned with being good enough
  • Not having much identity as a coach
  • Struggling with anxiety and overwhelm
  • Unable to define exactly what coaching is
  • Feeling over responsible for the client getting their outcome


The Coaching Essentials program offers a comprehensive solution to address fears, concerns, and beliefs commonly associated with coaching, including imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and challenges in defining coaching itself. This program focuses on understanding the core principles of coaching, adopting a holistic approach to coaching clients, improving communication skills, recognizing cognitive biases, establishing rapport with clients, and providing unwavering support.

This accelerated Coaching Essentials program is an opportunity to make sure Coaching is a good fit for you without having to make the time, energy, and financial commitment necessary to the entire Integral®+ Coaching program

the solution:

1. Understanding the Core Principles of Coaching:

The Coaching Essentials program begins by establishing a solid foundation in the core principles of coaching. Coaches learn that coaching is a client-centred process aimed at helping individuals achieve their goals and unlock their potential. By understanding the importance of active listening, powerful questioning, and fostering a non-judgmental space, coaches can empower their clients to explore their desires, strengths, and values. This understanding allows coaches to navigate the coaching journey effectively and deliver impactful results.

2. Coaching Clients Holistically:

To coach a client holistically, coaches need to take into account various aspects of their client’s life, including their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The Coaching Essentials program emphasises the importance of viewing clients as whole individuals and tailoring coaching sessions to address their unique needs and aspirations. Coaches learn techniques to explore different areas of a client’s life, set holistic goals, and support them in achieving a balanced and fulfilling life.

3. Effective Communication in Coaching:

Communication lies at the heart of coaching. The Coaching Essentials program delves into the intricacies of effective communication and equips coaches with the necessary skills to establish rapport, build trust, and facilitate meaningful conversations with their clients. Coaches learn to listen actively, not just to the words but also to the emotions and underlying meaning. They practice the art of asking powerful questions that encourage reflection and provoke insights. Through enhanced communication, coaches can guide clients toward self-discovery and help them generate effective action plans.

4. Gaining Rapport and Supporting Clients:

Building rapport is essential for establishing a strong coaching relationship. The Coaching Essentials program provides coaches with techniques to create a safe and supportive environment where clients feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, fears, and aspirations. Coaches learn to demonstrate empathy, show genuine interest, and provide unwavering support. By fostering a strong connection, coaches can guide their clients through the ups and downs of their journey, celebrating successes and offering encouragement during challenges.

Join this program if you:

  • Are curious about understanding and deepening your coaching knowledge and skills
  • Love the idea of being a Coach however very short of time
  • Have heard about what Coaching as a career can offer you
  • Need help and skills in improving your abilities to be a highly effective Coach
  • Want to be able to connect and relate more fully with your clients

Coaching Essentials an ‘Online Live’ Course

Our Coaching Essentials Online-Live Course includes:
  • 6 x 2-hour Sessions, Online Live – Monday& Wednesday 6-8pm AEST
  • Includes access to sessions recordings and additional resources for a full 12 months via our Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Plus monthly access to our monthly Online-Live Coaching Conversations and community mentoring group!

All of this for just

$349 inc GST

Online-Live via ZOOM
4th-20th September 2023 every Monday & Wednesday 6pm-8PM

Meet your trainer

Madeleine Robinson is an exceptional individual who shines as an Coach & NLP Master Trainer. With a profound belief in the transformative power of personal growth, she is in awe of people who courageously step into what is possible for them. Madeleine is deeply passionate about guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery, helping them awaken to their own conditioning and habitual ways of being.

What truly moves Madeleine is witnessing the commitment, openness, and vulnerability of her participants as they wholeheartedly delve into self-reflection and embrace their true potential. She applauds their willingness to confront themselves, break free from what holds them back, and embark on a path of personal liberation.

Madeleine is driven by a genuine desire to see others thrive and make the most out of their lives. She believes that by supporting individuals in uncovering their authentic selves, they can break free from societal expectations and limitations, and truly express who they are meant to be.

As a Coach & NLP Master Trainer, Madeleine is skilled in facilitating transformative experiences and providing the necessary tools for personal growth. Her empathetic nature, deep understanding of human behaviour, and unwavering commitment to her participants’ journeys make her a trusted guide on the path to self-discovery and empowerment.

Madeleine Robinson’s presence and dedication leave a lasting impact on all those she encounters. Through her work she inspires others to embrace their true potential, step into their own light, and create a life of authenticity and fulfilment.

Chat with a Trainer

Still unsure? Book a free 15-minute Zoom call with Madeleine, our Coaching Essentials trainer, to ask questions about the training or to explore if this is what you are looking for.