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Module 1B

Coaching Self and Others

Developing a more systematic coaching approach

Building upon the foundation skills you’ve learned in Module 1A, Module 1B will introduce you to more advanced coaching techniques and strategies. You’ll learn the 50 Cognitive Intentions used in the Identity Compass® profiling system, bringing a more systematic and scientific approach to your coaching.
You’ll graduate the Coaching Self and Others with:
Level 1B The Coaching Room® TCR Associate Professional Coach Accreditation

Coaching Self and Others overview

This program builds upon your foundational skills as a Coach by teaching you advanced coaching techniques, strategies and patterns based on Cognitive Intentions using the Identity Compass profiling system.

This module focuses on the core 50 Cognitive Intentions (habituated thinking patterns), that enable you to facilitate positive change and allow you to work systemically with a client’s mindset, emotions and behaviours.

We will also build on your construction of self, introduced in the previous program, by going deeper into Coaching 2.0. This included how to recognise the more detailed construction of your Thinking Styles, moving you from a position of unawareness to Awareness in all core Cognitive Intentions.

We will grow your Awareness from our first Module, investigating those facets of your thinking that directly impact your cognitive complexity, turning up the level of difficulty and challenge. This means a stretch for most participants, but once you are exposed to the next developmental level, your Zone of Dynamic Development (Stevens, 2020) is set in place, and growth is inevitable.

Your Cognitive Intentions, Thinking Styles and levels of Self-Awareness (Maturity) will be explained and embedded in your understanding to ensure the Coaching 2.0 framework is cemented into your coaching approach.

The Identity Compass®

As part of Module 2, we will introduce you to The Identity Compass® (IDC),  an innovative personality profiling tool that identifies the core thinking structures, outputting a person’s signature thinking styles. The IDC registers not only how people think, but how they make decisions in typical work situations. The IDC points out what motivates people, their values and core needs, and how improvement can best be achieved.

You will become the client in this module as you use IDC to better understand yourself and where your own developmental opportunities lie. By learning about you first, not only will you have done the work you are asking your clients to engage in, but you are engaging in your own development first and foremost. Growing your cognitive capacities is essential to becoming a professional coach.

The Identity Compass® will help you understand how you and others perform under stress, work in a team, or how best to motivate yourself to succeed in your role. The IDC will reveal core cognitive biases running your personality, that both serve you and hold you back contextually.

By using the IDC tool as part of the Integral+®Coaching program and in high-performance developmental coaching, you will be able to identify and reveal blind spots and opportunities for your and other’s growth and development, quickly and easily.

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Key learnings from the program

  1. Introducing The Identity Compass®, a profile of 50 Cognitive Intentions, you will learn how to listen for, understand and detect firstly your own thought patterns and secondly, those of your client.
  2. Grow and develop the skills to enable you and your client to reach the highest levels of mind, setting frames that will empower you and your clients to work systematically and achieve extraordinary results in any context.
  3. Grow and develop the skills to detect and work with all 50 core Cognitive Intentions, as you learn to listen for and detect Cognitive intentions your client’s language.
  4. Grow and develop the skill of understanding how Cognitive Intentions cluster to form a theory of personality. Learn to identify and work with clients to gain flexibility in their habituated personality structures, enabling them to grow and develop themselves quickly and freely.
  5. Using AI software, you will come to understand how flexibility (or lack thereof) in Cognitive Intentions (thinking patterns), creates a stage of Awareness (Awareness Quotient or AQ) score. By learning how AQ works, you will begin to learn how to coach to a person’s AQ, by working with their driver Cognitive Intentions, to gain more flexibility, therefore developing their overall AQ.

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