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Corporate Leadership Training

Our In-House Leadership development program-for Management & Executive teams face-to-face.

Integral+® Leadership is a holistic approach to developing Leaders and their ability to lead beyond their personality, current behaviors’, the organization’s culture and the limits of the current systems and environments.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get:

  • Learn how to accelerate your development as a Leader
  • Clearly identify your current leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Apply the models and tools from the program to help solve your Team/Organisational challenges
  • Reduce meetings by 80% and learn to prioritise
  • Lead higher levels of performance by creating an engaging team vision
  • Become a leader of context that transcends and includes performance
  • Learn how to engage & retain talent, while transforming under-performers
  • Learn how to address complex issues quickly and sustainably

A Story From Brian Pritchett

Here’s how you take this course:

  • Sessions can be run online or face to face.
  • Gain access to state-of-the-art Learning Management Solutions
  • Review Sessions, get Bonus Materials
  • Integrate and Embody the process through time
  • Gain direction and clarity on real business issues
  • Enjoy extensive support from The Coaching Room® staff

Meet your Trainers

Jay Hedley

Managing Partner at
The Coaching Room®​

Joseph Scott

Managing Partner at
The Coaching Room®​

Madeleine Robinson

Managing Partner at
The Coaching Room®​

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