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Advanced Communication Skills Training

Our advanced communication skills training using Integral+® NLP; is our most significant training program for outstanding team cohesion & performance.

Delivered on-site at your organisations facilities. Also available across multiple locations simultaneously as an On-Line Live zoom program.
We’re dedicated to facilitating exceptional communication skills trainings for managers and leaders to flourish and exceed in todays disruptive and ever-moving industries. In doing so, we make a profound change in the world, and in Business.

What the Team Will Learn

Are you ready to be part of a high performing, deeply skilled team?
Just a few of the benefits you can expect from the training include:

  • An advanced self-actualisation model designed for high quality communication
  • Communicate more effectively, precisely and persuasively, creating a space of safety and trust with different kinds of people through high-quality communication
  • Connect and relate to anyone without compromising your self-confidence and/or esteem
  • Rapport skills for creating safety and trust to allow crucible conversations to take place and give and receive high quality feedback
  • Precision questioning model for conversations that get right to the heart of things, facilitating profound performance change
  • The power to overcome and help others overcome their barriers and blockages in communication and motivation in self and others
  • Enable themselves and their people to create quality meanings and empowering states to engage teams and improve individual and team performance
  • Develop professional outcomes for leading and managing others
  • Structure a Well Formed Outcome conversation with other Managers, Leaders and employees – to facilitate buy in and accountability structures Identify and tap motivation in themselves and others to achieve the organisation’s outcomes

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A Story From Kim Whitely

Who should attend?

1. Executives, Leaders & Managers wanting to learn how to communicate with (listen and support) and influence (be able to understand and question) their employees effectively, to help them reach targets, achieve budget, overcome obstacles, and exceed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as they move to build a corporate coaching culture of self-actualising organisations.

2. High-Performance Teams where high-quality communication under pressure is required.

3. Experienced Executives wanting to further develop their essential leadership, facilitation, coaching, and communications skills.

4. New Teams wanting to maximise their effectiveness and influence with each other and peer teams across the business.

5. HR Teams wanting to gain more traction and influence across the core business divisions

Course Outline

The Corporate NLP program is designed specifically for Managers and Leaders, to enable self-actualisation in intra-personal management, and interpersonal communication skills.

This program provides a comprehensive introduction to the field and core skills of NLP (a powerful Communications Model that helps people to be successful in their professional and personal lives).

Skill development includes advanced listening skills, precision questioning skills, state management skills, rapport building skills and much, much more.

To understand the overarching framework of the NLP Communications model; how all the components of NLP, the skills, the various models and distinctions come together to our create a deeper understanding of how communication itself works (internally; within ourselves, and externally; with others in relationship)


To learn the core features of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Communication Model

To learn to understand how to run your own brain and help others do the same

To learn how meaning governs performance – in service of facilitating engagement

To learn how to connect with and influence with integrity

To learn how to detect the states and internal experiencing of self and others (emotional intelligence – EQ).

To learn about the mapping and movie making inside our minds as we “make sense” of information. This enables responsibility for self.

To delve into the core ingredients of communication excellence to develop high-quality advanced listening skills, through building awareness and “presence”. This then enables a leader to support and empower their people more effectively.  This also allows for more fierce (and crucial) conversations to emerge between Leader and Team).


To learn and practice how to listen to verbal and non-verbal communication.

To learn and practice how to listen to multiple frames of meaning and intention.

To learn and practice connecting and relating at a higher level of rapport with others

To learn to stop one’s own internal chatter, judgments, and filters and “come to one’s senses” in being fully present to another person in communicating and listening

To explore the basic structure and process of the Meta Model of Questioning, a model for precision  and solution oriented questioning.

To create well-formed outcomes and agreements for harnessing the power of mutual understanding.

To explore how personality and personality structures sit at the heart of communication and development. To explore a format for detecting thinking patterns, identifying perceptual filters, and using them to facilitate development and higher-levels of performance.


To learn to facilitate rather than direct.

To learn and practice asking quality exploratory questions, that create more precise and fuller communications (expand the map of mutual understanding).

To understand and learn to use the Well Formed Outcome (WFO) pattern to facilitate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a coaching and leadership conversations.

To learn how to listen to what’s being inferred, but not said.

To learn how to use questions powerfully for expanding awareness and for inducing more resourceful states – to enable engagement and accountability.

To learn how to access and apply powerful mind-body-emotional states (emotional intelligence – EQ).

To learn and practice the skills of changing behaviours through changing habituated patterns of thinking.

Meet your Trainers

Jay Hedley

Managing Partner at
The Coaching Room®​

Joseph Scott

Managing Partner at
The Coaching Room®​

Madeleine Robinson

Managing Partner at
The Coaching Room®​

Chat with a Trainer

Still unsure? Book a free 15-minute Zoom call with Madeleine, our Integral+® NLP trainer, to ask questions about the training or to explore if this is what you are looking for.