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Ready to enhance your personal and professional life?

Our Coaching services help you uncover blind spots, expand your awareness of limited thinking, and gain objectivity regarding your patterns of behavior. 

Coaching is a unique journey of self-discovery and growth, facilitated by a skilled Coach who acts as a mirror, reflecting back on what you may not see about yourself. This process of reflection and introspection allows you to gain new insights, challenge assumptions, and break free from self-imposed limitations. 

With a Coach by your side, you embark on a transformative journey towards achieving your full potential as a human being. Our Coaching approach is rooted in empowerment and helps you embrace your strengths, overcome obstacles, and tap into your innate capabilities. We provide a safe and supportive space for you to explore your goals, dreams, and aspirations, facilitating you toward a life of fulfillment and success.


What Kind of Coaching?

Executive Coaching

Our Integral+® Executive Coaching programs are designed to challenge, support, and empower individuals to grow and develop.

Personal Development Coaching

Our Integral+® Life Coaching program is designed to empower, support, and challenge you, with the aim of transforming your thinking and actions to be the most effective version of yourself.

Sports Psychology Coaching

Designed to provide the high performance athletes and teams with the skills that lead to the winning edge.

HR Coaching

Our Integral+® Executive Coaching can help HR leaders broaden your thinking, make quality decisions, gain insights from survey data, in order to change your organisational culture

Coaching Programs That Develop the Way You Think

Our coaches want to know how you think. More specifically, the patterns that you use to think. This approach allows us to identify the thinking patterns in which you are naturally strong, but also, the thinking patterns which may not be available to you.

Most people get caught in a habituated thinking patterns that they learn in childhood. As coaches, we want to listen and identify where those thinking patterns might be fixed and where they are flexible. By doing this, we can identify your current stage of personal development, then help you expand your development by helping you see where your thinking patterns might be limiting your opportunities. We can introduce you to alternative thinking patterns that will allow you to see the world in a new way, opening up a range of new possibilities.

This process allows you to develop and mature in a way that enables you to respond to the context of what is happening around you, rather than reacting habitually. It trains you to have more flexible thinking, in other words, to adjust your thinking to the context you’re in rather than using the same approach in every situation. This is the hallmark of a truly developed and successful mind.

Is Your Glasshouse Preventing You from Growing?

Imagine living in a glasshouse, where the transparent walls offer an ideal environment for personal growth. Initially, the glasshouse nurtures and supports your development, providing the perfect conditions for flourishing. Like a tender plant, you thrive under the nourishing warmth and protection it provides. However, as time passes and you continue to grow, the glasshouse that once fostered your progress starts to limit your potential. 

The constraints of the glass walls hinder your expansion, preventing you from reaching new heights. What once propelled you forward now becomes the barrier to further growth. Just as the oak tree outgrows the greenhouse, it is essential to recognise when the familiar structures and comfort zones that once supported us may now impede our continued evolution. It is by venturing beyond the glasshouse, embracing change and challenges, that we can truly unleash our full potential and continue to thrive as human beings.

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