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Executive Coaching

Integral+® Executive Coaching for Professionals

The Coaching Room’s Integral+® Executive Coaching programs are about challenging, supporting, and empowering individuals to grow and develop vertically (maturity) and horizontally (skills and capabilities).
The Coaching Room’s Developmental Executive Coaching facilitates you to taking responsibility for your own ongoing evolution and growth. We provide an obligation free, fee free intake session for all participants. Book your 20 Min chat today!

How Executive Coaching will benefit you & your people!

  • Using a piece of fully validated Ai software (Identity Compass), we are able to help you identify and shift the cognitive biases holding you back
  • You will attain growth through expanded self-awareness
  • Awareness of personality structures that limit executive potential
  • Ability to take a wider perspective on self, others, outcomes, and systems in making decisions
  • Communication skills development – develop leadership language that enable you to influence with integrity
  • Gain space and presence of mind under pressure
  • Build Executive presence
  • Enables more robust, direct conversations can be created by learning how to build deeper rapport

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Program Summary

The Integral+® Executive Coaching program is delivered in 6 x sessions over approximately 3-12 months. One-on-one, the program is delivered bespoke to your individual and organisational needs.

Our developmental approach is about vertical growth to help you and your people:

Wake Up – Move beyond your Personality biases

Grow up – Expand your perspectives to engage in more systemic, complex thinking

Clean up – We show you how to do the developmental work, to take responsibility for the outcomes you want

Show up – Fully express your executive potential and executive presence

Meet your Trainers

Jay Hedley

Managing Partner at
The Coaching Room®​

Joseph Scott

Managing Partner at
The Coaching Room®​

Madeleine Robinson

Managing Partner at
The Coaching Room®​

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