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Empowering C-Suite Leaders; Through Executive Coaching

Ascend to Peak Leadership: Elevate your career and life with The Coaching Rooms' Integral+® Executive Coaching Program

Our Evolution: From Traditional to Transformational

If you are a C-Suite Executive, or you’re about to make the move into becoming an executive, you’re in the right place.

Do you ever feel isolated at the summit, burdened by the weight of decision-making, and the pressures of the many riding on you. You may be longing for a confidant who understands your unique challenges.

You’re not alone. In fact the Harvard Business Review reported that around 70% of C-Suite Executives in a study they conducted felt lonely in their roles and a large majority of those leaders found that it actually negatively affected their performance.

But what can you do?

In the high-stakes world of C-suite leadership, the path can often feel solitary, and the pressure is immense. The silent echoes in the boardroom, the weight of the company’s future on your shoulders, and the endless sea of critical choices can be suffocating. You see this isn’t just about business—it’s about the loneliness of command, the hunger for a sounding board that doesn’t echo with judgment or hidden agendas.

Well what if there was a way to transform this solitude into your greatest strength?

What if there was a way to turn that isolation at the top into a canvas for strategic thought?

Are you ready for a partnership where your unspoken concerns are not just heard but understood and reframed into strategies for success?

With over 16 years of experience in executive coaching, The Coaching Room has continuously adapted and enhanced its services to meet the evolving needs of leaders. Our journey began with SMEs and has expanded to include C-Suite executives and their teams in globally recognised multinationals. We have diligently refined and advanced our executive coaching to stay at the forefront of human potential development.

Phase 1: Traditional Coaching - Performance and Accountability

Initially, our focus was on 'Traditional Coaching,' emphasising the behaviours and communication skills of our clients. This phase was instrumental in laying a solid foundation for performance and accountability.

Phase 2: Developmental Coaching - Internal Growth and Self-Realization

As we evolved, we embraced a more holistic approach, delving into the thoughts, feelings, and self-perceptions of our coachees. This 'Developmental Coaching' phase led to profound, life-altering outcomes for our clients, guiding them toward new paths and trajectories.

Phase 3: Transformational Coaching via our Integral+® Executive Coaching - Blueprint-Level Transformation

In the past four years, we have taken a revolutionary step with our 'Integral+® Executive Coaching.' This method transcends traditional coaching, targeting transformative change and actualising potential at an accelerated pace. We now coach at the blueprint level of the Human Code (cognitive bias, personality traits, societial values, attentional filters, identity values, blindspots etc.) influencing every thought, feeling, identity, and beyond. This approach coaches directly to the client's core operating system, fostering objectivity and expanded awareness of ingrained patterns and perspectives. The result is rapid, definitive shifts in both personal and professional realms.

Explore how The Coaching Room's Integral+® Executive Coaching can redefine your leadership journey and unlock unprecedented potential.

Transform Your Executive Presence with The Coaching Rooms’ Premier Integral+® Executive Coaching

Unlock a new echelon of leadership excellence with The Coaching Rooms’ Executive Coaching Program, meticulously designed for the discerning senior executive.

  • Bespoke Fortnightly Coaching Sessions: Elevate your leadership with private 60-minute coaching sessions every two weeks. These tailored encounters with our seasoned coaches will challenge and support you in equal measure, ensuring that every facet of your executive potential is engaged and honed.
  • Comprehensive Monthly Wellness Review: Beyond the boardroom, we understand that an executive’s wellbeing is paramount. Our monthly relationship and health/wellness checks ensure that your performance is not just maintained but optimized, in and out of the office.
  • Elite Bi-Monthly Mastermind Groups: Collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation. Join forces with other high-caliber leaders in our bi-monthly mastermind groups, fostering a synergy that will catalyze your growth and expand your professional network.
  • Continuous Growth Tracking: With our pre and post-coaching engagement assessments, including the Identity Compass, you’ll receive a detailed map of your personal growth journey, delivering actionable insights for continuous development.
  • Enneagram Personality Assessment: Gain unparalleled self-awareness through the Enneagram assessment, a tool that reveals the dynamics of your personality, equipping you with the knowledge to lead with authenticity and insight.
  • Unlimited Relationship Support: In the fast-paced world of executive decision-making, access to immediate counsel can be the difference between a good and a great leader. Enjoy direct, anytime access to your coach via mobile, ensuring support is always at your fingertips.

Plus: Educate your mind and leadership know-how with our leading-edge communication and leadership online training products:

  • NLP Communication Mastery: Command the room and inspire your team with our 50-hour, self-paced online training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Master the art of persuasive communication and self-leadership, ensuring your message is not just heard, but felt.

  • Integral Leadership Certification: Access to over 40 hours of self-directed online learning culminate in an Integral Leadership Certification. This isn’t just education; it’s transformation, preparing you to navigate and lead with a renewed, holistic perspective.

  • Weekly Online-Live Integral+® Conversations: Stay connected with a community of leaders through our weekly online-live sessions. Dive into discussions that will challenge and refine your approach to leadership, all within a supportive and engaged network.

Join the Ranks of Elite Leaders

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Success Stories

Integral+® Executive Coaching for C-suite

“Unlock Your Unique Inner Human Potential And Access Elite Performance, with The Coaching Rooms: Integral+® Executive Coaching.  A One-on-One Tailored Program exclusively for C-Suite Executives!”

 Value-Based and Delivered! Engage your Coach on a monthly coaching retainer, stay as long as you are gaining exceptional value, insights and transformation, exit the program whenever you are ready to!

Your Integral+® Executive Coaching Offer
  • Fortnightly One-on-One Coaching Sessions (60 minutes)
  • Monthly Relationship and Health/Wellness Check
  • Bi-Monthly Mastermind Group
  • Pre and Post-Coaching Engagement; Identity Compass Assessments
  • Enneagram Personality Assessment – Greater Self-Awareness
  • 50-hour, self-paced online training; Mastering Communication and Self-Leadership with NLP
  • 40-Hours self-paced online- Training; Integral Leadership Certification
  • Relationship Support; Direct anytime access to your coach via mobile



Coaching via Zoom, Google Meet & Face to Face

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