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Level 3

Integration, Mentoring and Supervision

Developing your skills to be a supervisor of coaches

In the only coaching training of its kind, you will be Coached for your own development and Supervised as a professional Coach, in order to qualify as a supervisor of, or indeed developer of Integral+® Coaching level coaches. As part of your training, we’ll review your coaching sessions piece by piece to support your AQ growth and that of your clients.
You’ll graduate the Integral+® Coaching Integration, Mentoring and Supervision with:
Level 3 The Coaching Room® Advanced Professional Coach Accreditation

Integral+® Coaching Integration, Mentoring and Supervision

Level 3 is designed to allow you to expand your coaching to the level of a coaching supervisor. Reviewing the coaching literature highlights that there is no agreed definition of coaching supervision. Grant (2012, p. 17) integrated the main themes and adapted the definition of Hawkins and Schwenk (2006) to refer to supervision in coaching as:

“…a structured process for coaches, designed to help coaches attend to improving the quality of their coaching; to grow their coaching capabilities and support themselves and their practice with the help of a coaching supervisor.”

In order to become a supervisor of coaches, or indeed a developer of coaches running your own Coaching 2.0 workshops, you will need to demonstrate a level of self-awareness at least one level above your potential clients. In order to maintain the very high standards of Coaching 2.0, this means you will need to be able to accommodate an AQ8 (late-stage, mature client) client should they choose to coach with you.

This is something brand new, as no other organisation offers such a rigorous ethical framework for coach development. If you have not progressed through the Coaching 2.0 framework, you will not get the opportunity to supervise other coaches, as it is entirely likely some will be a higher level AQ score than you.

By this time, you will know the ramifications of this scoring, and what it means for the coaching relationship. It is not a topic for debate, as no process for coaching (such as GROW) will mean you are capable of coaching a higher-level client.

You will be both Coached for your own development and Supervised as a professional Coach, as your live and recorded coaching sessions are broken down and dissected for the purposes of your and your client’s AQ growth.

We are certain this point will be understood by the time you get to MCO7, after rigorous debate and development.

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Key learnings from the program

  • How to facilitate extraordinary results for your clients by knowing exactly what to do, how to do it, with whom, when, and why in the coaching context.
  • How to build a highly successful coaching practice that reflects your values and professional ethics to make your life ambitions come true.
  • Connect with and model other Coaches who are at the pinnacle of their profession. Fast-track your own business by hearing, questioning, and replicating the practices of the expert Coaches as you ask them about their marketing strategies, invaluable contacts, and business secrets.
  • Business models for marketing, how to price your coaching, and how to position and advertise yourself in the marketplace and more.
  • Grow and develop the core skills of Integral+®Coaching: Listening, Supporting, Questioning, and State induction
  • Apply the most advanced cognitive behavioural coaching models in the field of Coaching, including the Axes of Change Model, Facilitation model and Matrix model.

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