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Online-Live Leadership Training

Become an Integral+® Leader. A public Integral Leadership Development Program – Online live.

Integral+® Leadership is distinguished from several other leadership theories & practices in 3 ways:


Integral leadership recognises that every leadership approach has its application in an appropriate situation, place and time. Coherence in human affairs arises when the chords of human values are harmonised in the symphony of human experience, which is what integral leaders facilitate


Integral leadership recognises that, in the long run, the arc of human development tends to favour the ability to lead across greater spans of time, space, diversity and complexity; and that the alignment of personal, organisational, and social development supporting this growth toward wholeness is essential to an organisation’s survival and growth.


Integral leadership recognises that the role of leaders is to be in service to something greater than themselves; especially, in these challenging times, to lead toward a more regenerative, inclusive, collaborative future that inspires and motivates all levels of development across all individuals, groups, culture and actions.

This unique 27-Week public course delivers transformative change in your mindset, your skill set, your tool set and your relationships; guaranteed to transform any manager into an Integral Leader.

How Integral+®Leadership Training Will Deliver Transformation:

  • Self-Leadership & Self-Development – Become a more intentional leader
  • Learn how to engage and influence others to achieve their potential
  • Learn how to lead your teams and the organisations culture
  • Create and lead an inspiring vision that connects talent to achieving sustainable outcomes
  • Create new approaches to your current organisational challenges

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Integral+Leadership Training
  • Gain 12 months access to our online learning management system, where you can watch back recordings.
  • Review sessions, get bonus materials
  • Integrate and embody the process through time
  • Gain direction and clarity on real business issues
  • Enjoy extensive support from The Coaching Room staff
Course Dates

16th May - 17th October 2023
Time: 1pm - 2:30pm AEST


Delivered over 27-weeks via 90-minute Zoom sessions that integrate seamlessly into your day

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Jay Hedley

Managing Partner at
The Coaching Room®​

Joseph Scott

Managing Partner at
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Madeleine Robinson

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The Coaching Room®​

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