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Integral+® Coaching Pathway Methodology

The Integral+® Coaching Pathway is a cutting-edge coaching methodology that transcends traditional Performance Coaching, taking both Coach and Client to higher levels, to Developmental and Transformational Coaching. At these higher levels, profound change occurs naturally and easily.
And the result is the ability to customize your desired transformation.

The Coaching Room’s Coach Development Methodology

Integral+® Coaching Development is an advanced Coach System that supports new and experienced coaches to move through integrated learning modules, culminating in the credentials for being a professional Coach. This comprehensive program differentiates itself from other coach trainings by integrating specific models that, as a professional Coach, you can work systematically and holistically with clients.

In this program, we focus on you as a Coach, your developmental needs for professional competency, and your coaching business so you can live your life your way.

The Peer-reviewed science form the basis of an internationally recognised programme

Integral+® Coaching is based upon Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory as well as the field of developmental psychology, including more recently the work of Dr Darren Stevens and his Awareness Quotient (AQ) tool, based on Constructed Development Theory.

Our approach also incorporates the Cognitive Sciences of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as the Self Actualisation Psychology of Maslow and Rogers. Integral+®Coaching integrates these models into a cutting-edge approach to what amounts to a unique offering in the coaching arena: vertically developmental coaching. The development programs are rigorous and qualifications internationally recognised through CDTi, a coach development board formed to govern coaching globally.

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