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Integral+® NLP Master Training

So you have completed your Integral+® NLP Practitioner course and are hungry for more?

Our Integral® NLP Master Practitioner Course is your next step to truly embody the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

Many of our students find that the NLP Practitioner Course opens their eyes to what is possible through greater communication, understanding of self and others, and are introduced to the world or personal and professional development. So what’s next?

Our Integral+® NLP Master* Practitioner Course will deeply immerse you within your own unique psychological makeup, the beliefs and the frames of reference, that make your personality what it is. You will become objective to, work with and change, your own personal hooks, triggers, reactions and un-resourceful mindsets (*The Integral+® NLP Practitioner Course is a pre-requisite to attending the Integral+® NLP Master Practitioner Course).

You will be introduced to the inner working of NLP and dive deeper into the models, patterns and techniques that are only available at the Master Practitioner level. You will join an exclusive club of practitioners worldwide that have truly dedicated themselves to mastering Neuro Linguistic Programming for their own development or Coaching practice. 

Curious about this course?

Not sure if you are ready?

As a Integral+ NLP Practitioner graduate, you are already ready.

The Integral+® NLP Master Practitioner Course is designed to take what you have learnt about NLP and truly embody it. We find that students who move from the Practioner Course to the Master Practitioner course within 3-6 months is absolutely ideal for their journey and development.

Chat with a Trainer

Still unsure? Book a free 15-minute Zoom call with Madeleine, our Integral+® NLP trainer, to ask questions about the training or to explore if this is what you are looking for.

How could you and those you hold relationships with benefit from your deeper levels of NLP skills, knowledge and embodiment?

Our purpose is to provide you with the means to further develop yourself, so you can fulfil your potential and make a difference in the world. Here’s how the NLP Master Practitioner Course can benefit you, and allow you to provide the same in others:

  • Advance your understanding of human behaviour
  • Put your false beliefs behind you
  • Rediscover your authentic value and let go of feelings of worthlessness
  • Enhance yourself with NLP tools that are practical and applicable
  • Create deep rapport, understand the world from the other person’s perspective
  • Show up in the world differently, through self-guidance and self-support
  • Discover and understand the meta-programs, strategies, time lining and lenses people view the world through
  • Learn how to let go of control of things outside yourself to rediscover control within
  • Learn how it’s okay to be assertive and ask for what you want
  • Free yourself from your current way and discover a different way of being

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A story from Alex Schroder

Leading the field in Integral+® NLP Training quality and quantity.

The Master Integral+® NLP Practitioner training is delivered in the room over 8 days of live classroom training and practice. The design and intention here is to provide a genuine embodiment of skills and practice of Mastery with NLP. Also to deeply educate and facilitate real knowledge and academic-style immersion of this life-changing material with our Online-Live pre-recorded training.

So, take the first step and dive straight into our ‘In the room’ training program and receive the our full Master Practitioner Recording for free, on us!

Master NLP Practitioner
‘In The Room’ Training

8 days of face-to-face ‘In The Room’ training

PLUS! access 80 Hours of ‘Online-Live’ recorded NLP training

Our NLP Master Practitioner Certification includes:
  • Attending 8 days of Face-to-Face intensive training
  • Plus receive 12 months of access to our Master NLP Practitioner training Online Live recordings (over 80 hours of content)
  • Plus weekly access to our Online-Live Integral+® Conversations for support and community mentoring!

All of this for just

$3999 inc GST


NSW Teachers Federation - 23/33 Mary St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Upcoming Face-to-Face Course Dates Sydney

Friday 1st - Friday 8th March 2024

Meet your Trainers

Jay Hedley

Managing Partner at
The Coaching Room®​

Joseph Scott

Managing Partner at
The Coaching Room®​

Madeleine Robinson

Managing Partner at
The Coaching Room®​