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NLP Practitioner

Learn, educate and integrate into your Life, with our exceptional Integral+® NLP training

Our Integral+® NLP training, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Practitioner Course is in essence a communication course where you’ll learn to understand and improve your thinking processes, language and behaviour, ultimately learning to master the language of your own mind.

Integral+® NLP is a form of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that integrates the principles and concepts of Integral Theory into NLP practice. Integral Theory is a comprehensive framework for understanding human consciousness and development, developed by philosopher Ken Wilber.

Integral+® NLP expands on traditional NLP by integrating a more holistic and comprehensive view of human experience, which includes physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual dimensions. It recognises that individuals have multiple perspectives and ways of experiencing the world, and it seeks to address the whole person rather than just their behaviours or thoughts.

Integral+® NLP also incorporates the principles of systems thinking, recognising that individuals are not isolated entities but rather interconnected parts of larger systems. This approach emphasises the importance of context and takes into account the wider social and cultural factors that influence individual experience and behaviours.

Overall, Integral+® NLP offers a more comprehensive and holistic approach to NLP personal and professional development, integrating the principles of Integral Theory with the practical tools and techniques of NLP. By incorporating multiple perspectives and recognising the interconnectedness of individuals and systems, Integral+® NLP offers a more integrated and effective approach to personal growth and development as a person and as a practitioner of NLP.

What is the Integral+® NLP Practitioner Course?

Are you ready to unleash greater personal power & potential with NLP?

Our Accredited Integral+® NLP Practitioner Training Program will provide you with everything you need to fully understand the NLP practice and prepare you to use NLP coaching principles within your life and in your coaching.

Our mission is to provide you with the means to further develop yourself, so you can fulfil your potential and make your difference in the world. Here’s how the NLP Training can support your development:

Managers, Leaders And HR Professionals
  1. Grow and develop your professional communication skills.
  2. Learn how to influence with integrity.
  3. Gain greater clarity, influence, and flexibility in your approach to developing your culture.
  4. Understand how to lead change.
Coaches, Facilitators And Trainers
  1. You can add the NLP Practitioner training to your existing Professional Coaching Accreditations.
  2. Apply NLP to becoming a Coach in the contexts of Personal Development, Executive Leadership, Internal Corporate Coaching, Business, Sales, Personal Training (PT), Career and even a High-Performance Sports Coach.
Professional & Personal Development
  1. If you’ve always wanted to develop yourself and improve your communication skills, then NLP Practitioner training is an ideal way to make it happen.
  2. As NLP is a developmental model, learning NLP develops you!
  3. This program is perfect for anyone who’d like to learn HOW to become more self-aware, grow their emotional intelligence, have better relationships, and change their personality habits.

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A story from Steven McDonald

Leading the field in NLP Training quality and quantity.

The Integral+® NLP Practitioner training covers over 50 hours or 8 days of live classroom training and teaching. The design and intention here is to provide genuine embodiment in skills, practice and understanding of NLP. Also to deeply educate and facilitate real knowledge and academic-style immersion of this life changing material with our Online-Live training.

So, take the first step with our ‘Online-live’ training or dive straight into our face-to-face ‘In the room’ training program and receive the Online- Live program for free, on us! Want to know more about the full NLP Pathway – check out our NLP Master Practitioner page.

NLP Practitioner ‘In The Room’ Course 

8 days of face-to-face ‘In The Room’ training

PLUS! 50 Hours of ‘Online-Live’ Zoom NLP recordings

Our NLP Practitioner Certification includes:
  • Attending 8 days of Face-to-Face intensive training with Madeleine Robinson
  • Plus receive 12 months of access to our NLP Practitioner Online Live recordings (over 50 hours of content)
  • Plus weekly access to our Online-Live Integral+ Conversations support and community mentoring group!

All of this for just

$3449 AUD inc GST

Next Melbourne NLP Course

Abbotsford Convent 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford VIC 3067

Upcoming Face-to-Face Course Dates Melbourne

Part 1: Thursday 15th February - Sunday 18th February 2024
Part 2: Thursday 14th March - Sunnday 17th March 2024

Meet your Trainer

Madeleine Robinson

Chat with a Trainer

Still unsure? Book a free 15-minute Zoom call with Madeleine, our Integral+® NLP trainer, to ask questions about the training or to explore if this is what you are looking for.