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Playbook for Life

The Coaching Rooms’ Playbook for Life:
A Journey of a lifetime in just 6 days!

Over the last 15 years of training NLP we realised with the help of our students that people are generally not here to get an NLP Certificate they are there to truly wake up to what is possible and to be empowered to be in the driving seat of their life!

In service to this Truth, we’ve taken the most powerful component parts and essence of NLP and Master NLP and reimagined a different way of training.

Welcome to your Playbook for Life 

Are you ready to discover greater clarity, purpose, and recover confidence in yourself and your future with The Coaching Rooms’ Playbook for Life: a training that will help transform you and your life in just 6 days?!  

Course Preview

Get a sneak peek into the course content and teaching style with our preview clips.

Ready to rewrite your Playbook for your Life?

What is it?

Do you know that within you lies a playbook, an intricate guide that governs your entire life and life experiences? This isn’t just any collection of rules or principles; it’s a profound compilation of your beliefs, values, experiences, and decisions that have shaped your journey thus far. Every choice you make, every reaction you have to the world around you, and every path you follow, is influenced by this internal playbook. It’s like a hidden compass, guiding your actions and reactions, often without your conscious awareness.

Understanding and exploring this playbook can unlock a deeper awareness of yourself, revealing patterns you may wish to change and strengths you can further develop. It’s a journey inward that can illuminate your path forward, offering a richer, more aligned experience of life.

Investing in “The Coaching Rooms’ Playbook for Life” course is a transformative journey crafted to tackle the profound challenges of feeling overwhelmed, directionless, and uncertain about the future. This course is an opportunity to engage with your innermost feelings and aspirations, offering a path to clarity and purpose. Below are compelling reasons to consider embarking on this transformative experience:

Clarity and Intentional Living

Learn to cut through the noise and confusion of daily life to discover what truly matters to you. This course helps you live more intentionally, making choices that align with your deepest values and aspirations.

Deep Understanding of Personality

Gain insights into how your personality shapes your experiences and challenges. Learn strategies to navigate life's difficulties more effectively by understanding your inherent traits and behaviors.

Exploring Beyond Personality

Delve into the realms beyond your personality to uncover greater choices, freedom, and potential. This exploration encourages personal growth and the discovery of new paths and possibilities.

Rewriting Your Life's Narrative

Engage in a profound process of examining and freeing yourself from limiting beliefs and stories you’ve told about yourself. Learn to craft a new, empowering narrative that reflects your true self and aspirations.

Pragmatic Life Assessment

Get practical tools to assess what is and isn't working in your life. This course offers concrete steps to clean up various aspects of your life, from relationships to career, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being

Frame Intelligence

Discover the miracle of frame intelligence and learn to set the frames that dictate the quality and direction of your life. Stop living according to others’ expectations and scripts, and start governing your life with your own playbook.

Transformation in Just 6 Days

The promise of a significant transformation in a condensed timeframe is highly appealing for those seeking quick, impactful changes in their lives.

Personalised Guidance and Support

The course offers personalised attention, ensuring that participants feel supported and guided through their journey of self-discovery and change.

Community and Connection

Participants have the opportunity to connect with others on similar paths, creating a sense of community and shared experience that can be deeply enriching and supportive.

Actionable Strategies for Immediate Application

Unlike courses that offer theoretical knowledge, "The Coaching Rooms’ Playbook for Life" focuses on actionable strategies that participants can immediately apply to their lives for instant improvements.

This course is particularly suited for individuals seeking to make significant, tangible changes in their lives in a short period, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and support to embark on a journey of personal transformation and empowerment.

The Coaching Rooms’ Playbook for Life

Transform you and your life in just 6 days!

The training explores and develops:
  • Gaining clarity and living much more intentionally.
  • A significant review and understanding of your personality and how it is a large part of lifes difficulties and what we can do about it.
  • An exploration beyond personality into greater choice, freedom and potential.
  • A huge process of exploring and freeing yourself from your life’s narrative and rewriting a more true and empowering one.
  • A grounded and pragmatic approach to cleaning up your life, assessing and understanding what is and is not working, plus what to do about it.
  • Discover a miracle in the power of Frame intelligence and how to set the frames to govern and outstanding life – stop playing your life to everyone else and get the playbook for life working for you!


 $3449 inc GST


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NSW Teachers Federation, 23-33 Mary Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Upcoming Course Dates

Tuesday the 23rd - Sunday 28th July 2024

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