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Introducing RoomMates:

Your Pathway to better health, greater wealth & deeper relationships

Embarking on a journey of personal development is undoubtedly a transformative endeavor, one that holds the promise of self-discovery and growth. However, this path can sometimes lead to a profound sense of loneliness, particularly when the echoes of a productive day spent on self-improvement begin to fade as you return home. The isolation that comes with the pursuit of personal development is not to be underestimated; it’s a path often walked alone, where the struggles and triumphs are silently carried within. The weight of self-improvement can make you feel like an island in a sea of ordinary, disconnected from the routines of others. In those moments, the absence of a supportive community can feel stark.

‘Your RoomMates Membership’

Here’s where the Coaching Room steps in – as a refuge, a sanctuary for those navigating the often lonely landscape of personal development. Picture a space where each roommate is on a distinct yet parallel journey, where the focus isn’t just on individual growth but on fostering a collective environment of support and camaraderie. Imagine returning home not to solitude, but to the warmth of companionship that the Coaching Room’s intentional design provides.

RoomMates is the space where the pursuit of individual betterment is elevated by the presence of kindred spirits walking a similar path, together.

Holding Environment

The Coaching Room offers more than just physical space; it creates an emotional holding environment. It’s a space where vulnerability is welcomed and shared experiences provide solace. The challenges encountered on the path of personal development are not exclusive – they are universal, and as RoomMates we understand that intimately. This shared understanding forms the foundation of a supportive space where struggles can be discussed without social judgement or expectations.

Companionship Amidst Solitude

Your RoomMates of the Coaching Room are like fellow travelers in the vast expanse of personal growth. They know the isolation, the late-night reflections, the moments of self-doubt. The Coaching Room endeavors to eliminate the isolation that often accompanies personal development by fostering a sense of togetherness. RoomMates become a supportive network, offering a hand to hold during the times when the journey feels arduous.

Integration of Experiences

The Coaching Room doesn’t promise quick fixes or overnight transformations. Instead, it recognises that personal development is a lifelong journey. This environment is about integrating the lessons learned, the victories achieved, and the setbacks faced over the long term. It’s a space where growth isn’t rushed, and where the experiences of each individual contribute to the collective wisdom of the group.

Embracing the Long Game

The Coaching Room acknowledges that personal development is not a linear path but a series of ebbs and flows. It’s a place where RoomMates support one another not just during the highs, but also through the lows. The aim is not just fleeting motivation, but sustained growth over time. The friendships forged within the Coaching Room are built to withstand the tests of time and the evolution of each individual.

Are you a passionate member of The Coaching Room community who has completed at least one of our programs?

If you resonate with our mission and vision, and yearn to take your involvement to the next level we invite you to join RoomMates, an inclusive subscription plan that opens the door to enhanced engagement and a profound relationship with us. 

As a RoomMate, you gain the opportunity to experience The Coaching Room on a whole new level, with more interactions, insights, and support.  Fostering a more tightly-knit community is essential for everyone’s growth.

RoomMates provides the perfect avenue for you to immerse yourself in all that The Coaching Room has to offer. Elevate your connection with  Madeleine, Jay and Joseph and all our other RoomMates, who knows what’s possible.  

So, unlock the full possibility of your own journey and join us as a RoomMate!

The RoomMates Membership Offer

RoomMate Days (Sydney and Melbourne)

All day in the Room events every six months with all of our RoomMates

RoomMates Monthly Social (every alternate month in the room/online)

Bring your dinner and join your RoomMates as we experience the essence of togetherness and personal growth with our RoomMates Monthly Social

RoomMates 'Deeper Dive’ with Joseph, Jay or Madeleine (monthly)

Embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery

RoomMates FLIP webinar (monthly) - Where you are the webinar!

What's your question and why is it important to you?

RoomMates Runiversity Reading Group

A full on in-depth monthly review of some of the worlds best books!

RoomMates Exceptional Discount

As a RoomMate, you'll unlock an additional 10% discount on all coaching and training programs

RoomMates All Course Recording

As a RoomMate you will have access to a comprehensive library of our  online pre-recorded courses


Your Exclusive Pathway to Deeper Connection and Interaction

RoomMates includes:
  • Days (Sydney and Melbourne)
  • Monthly Social (On Zoom)
  • Fortnightly Masterclass
  • Exceptional Discount
  • All Course Recording
  • FLIP webinar
  • Pocket Money
  • Access to a closed online group
  • Health Check
  • ‘Having an off day’ Session
  • Runiversity monthly study group
  • Deeper Dive Jay, Joseph or Madeleine
RoomMate Days in Sydney and Melbourne
Monthly social on Zoom

Membership investment of $249 per month

Join an over 100 strong RoomMate membership program with a community of Self-Actualising, life transforming. people!


A Deeper Dive…

Immerse yourself in a in the room space of, connection, deeping care and belonging – a place where you can simply be and authentically experience each other. Our RoomMates 

In the Room events, held every six months in Melbourne and Sydney, is a celebration of us. It’s a cherished occasion crafted to bring together all of our Roommates in an atmosphere of warmth and belonging. 

Beginning with a morning social catch-up that infuses the day with camaraderie, the event unfolds as a tapestry of learning, collaboration, and shared growth. Central to this experience are transformative workshops that delve into the heart of our souls’ quests, fostering insights and discussions that deepen our bond. As the day unfolds, there will be a space for our RoomMates to shine as they spotlight their offerings personal and professional , nurturing networking and supporting. RoomMate Days resonate with the heartbeat of a community that thrives on embracing challenges, rejoicing in successes, and weaving a tapestry of togetherness. This is where our RoomMates spirit truly comes alive.

Experience the essence of togetherness and personal growth with our RoomMates Monthly Social on Zoom! Join us once a month as we create a virtual space where individuals come together to share, connect, and foster a sense of belonging. Embrace the commitment to ongoing development and unfolding in a warm and supportive environment. It’s more than just a meeting; it’s a celebration of unity and shared journeys. Join RoomMates Monthly Social and enrich your connection with like-minded souls on the path of growth. Remember to bring your DINNER!

As a RoomMate enjoy an exceptional discount.! As a RoomMate, you’ll unlock an additional 10% discount on all coaching and training programs. This discount is useable on top of any other promotions, offers or giveaways i.e. Black Friday sales or earlybird discounts.

Elevate your learning with RoomMates’ exclusive offering – access to a comprehensive library of online course pre-recordings. Immerse yourself in the knowledge-rich world of NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Integral Leadership, and Enneagram workshops. Our RoomMates enjoy the privilege of refining and deepening their skills across these domains, allowing for continuous growth and mastery. Join RoomMates today to embark on a journey of skill enhancement and knowledge enrichment like never before.

A monthly 90 minute zoom webinar themed: “Exploring Life’s Most Important Questions”

Explanation of the significance of asking meaningful questions in personal growth and introspection. 

The Power of Questioning

  1. Understanding the role of questions in expanding knowledge and perspectives
  2. How asking questions drives curiosity, critical thinking, and self-discovery
  3. Exploring the concept of “beautiful questions” that inspire reflection and insight
    • Identifying Life’s Important Questions
    • Questioning Your Life’s Purpose
    • Navigating Relationships Through Questions
    • Self-Identity and Growth

Introducing RoomMates’ innovative Pocket Money program – an exciting opportunity for you to earn cash or training credit  while you learn and share the value of our training programs. As a RoomMate, you’ll receive a generous 33% commission for every friend and family member you refer to any of our in the room training programs. Imagine the possibilities – with every Practitioner referral, that’s over $1,000 that goes straight into your pocket. Join RoomMates today and embark on a journey of growth, learning, and rewarding connections.

Welcome to RoomMates Runiversity, where we embark on a journey of knowledge and growth through the magic of literature. In this exclusive book club, our members delve into a captivating new book each month, uncovering profound insights, thought-provoking questions, and transformative practices hidden within its pages. As you immerse yourself in the world of words, you’ll join a vibrant community of fellow readers, engaging in lively discussions, sharing reflections, and forging deep connections with others who share your passion for personal development. With RoomMates Runiversity, every page turned becomes a step towards a brighter, more enlightened future. Join us in the joy of discovery, learning, and connection through the power of books.

Experience the unparalleled support of RoomMates’ Having An Off Day’ Breakthrough Chat. We understand that everyone has challenging days, and as a RoomMate, you’re never alone. Reach out to us for USE AS YOU need them x three 20-minute coaching breakthrough sessions. This unique offering ensures that you have continuous support, and our commitment to your well-being and growth.

We’re thrilled to introduce an exclusive opportunity to elevate your journey with us. As dedicated seekers of growth, we understand the importance of continuous evolution. That’s why we’re introducing a weekly masterclass tailored just for you. Delve deeper into the realms, patterns and methods of NLP, coaching, and significant life-skills as we guide you towards a more profound embodiment of these transformative practices. Each session is crafted to enrich your understanding, sharpen your skills, and ignite new insights. Join us in this journey of perpetual improvement, where learning and growth become your constant companions. Your personal development knows no bounds, and together, we’ll reach new heights. Stay tuned for an immersive experience that’s designed to nurture your potential every step of the way.

Embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery’


1. Deeper Dive into “Spiritual Awakening” with Joseph

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with Joseph. By exploring the depths of your inner self, you’ll uncover a profound connection to your transpersonal self, transcending the boundaries of your personality. This journey leads to moments of enlightenment and awakening, where you’ll experience life in a more profound and meaningful way. It’s an opportunity to find inner peace, purpose, and a deeper understanding of your existence.

2. Deeper into Coaching the Collective with Jay

Jay’s expertise in group coaching takes your coaching skills to new heights. You’ll explore the art of coaching collective intelligence, tapping into the wisdom and potential of groups. Through deep practices, you’ll learn what it truly means to be a skilled group coach facilitator. This knowledge not only enhances your coaching abilities but also empowers you to guide teams and communities toward their collective goals, fostering collaboration and growth.

3. Deeper Dive into ‘Real Relationships’ with Madeleine

Madeleine’s sessions offer an invaluable exploration of relationships in all their dimensions. You’ll gain insights into what constitutes a relationship, the dynamics that shape them, and the nuances that truly make a difference. Discover the “white magic” that underlies real, transformative relationships, and learn to prioritize relationships in your life. By understanding how you relate to yourself, your intimate partners, and your wider circle, you’ll cultivate deeper and more meaningful connections, enriching your life and the lives of those around you. This journey breathes life into your relationship with yourself and others, fostering profound growth and understanding.

RoomMates is not for everyone, please only become a RoomMate if the following resonates with you:

RoomMates is a community tailored to those who wholeheartedly resonate with the following principles:


– A deep knowing inside that youre just scraping the surface of whats possible..

– Have sincere passion for assisting and supporting others drives you.

– You’re motivated by the prospect of realsiing your untapped potential.

– An intense longing exists within you to contribute to a cause greater than your individuality.

– The process of acquiring fresh insights and exchanging knowledge brings you immense joy.

– You’re actively seeking both a space and a medium to establish meaningful connections.

– Others’ accomplishments and challenges invigorate you.

– Your essence revolves around bolstering others with your unique strengths.

– Your benevolent nature compels you to share the goodness within your heart.


If these statements genuinely align with you, then joining RoomMates is a natural step forward for you and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

RoomMates GUARANTEE - Cancel your subscription ANYTIME.

RoomMates’ Heartfelt Guarantee: Embrace the Joy of Your Journey – Unsubscribe Whenever You Choose

Rest assured that your monthly subscription unfolds as an unparalleled voyage of personal growth and unwavering support, encompassing extraordinary advantages and a profound sense of belonging within the RoomMates community – an experience that will truly enrich your life. All this, and more, awaits you at the incredibly accessible rate. 

Feel free to leave whenever you see fit, as your contentment remains our utmost priority. While you’re always welcome to embark on a different path, do keep in mind that rejoining the cherished RoomMates community will not be an option in the future. But for now, let your heart guide you as you take this remarkable step forward.