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Self Actualising
Integral+® Conversations

Welcome to The Coaching Room, we are delighted to introduce our Integral+® Conversations.

Please join us as our guests. These conversations are free monthly conversations about personal growth and development with Self-Actualising knowledge, principles and practices.

We run these to support everyone thats interested, on behalf of making a difference in and your & our lives!

We realise that we live and relate in fragmented realities, partial and transactional relationships with limited views of the world trying to become and make our way.

In short, we are hurting and hunting for a better way of being and doing life with very fractured and limited support.

Integral+® Conversations offer everyone the opportunity to bring real and genuine wholeness and healing to all aspects of your life so that you can relax more, surrender to something much greater than your small self-experience, and begin to access more and more of your potential in very key and important areas of life.

These conversations are about you, me, we, and us… a space and a place to survive and thrive, together.

You would join this conversation if you are interested in exploring, understanding and accessing much more of your potential and best self in your personal and professional life using a Self-Actualising approach.

Register for the Self Actualising Conversation
8 December 2023 @ 9:00 am AEST

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Join the monthly conversation

These monthly conversations with Madeleine, Jay or Joseph are free of charge for all. We invite you to bring along any friends or family that you think would also be interested.

Join us on zoom every month, to deepen your experience of our incredible community. 

Register for our next conversation on 8 December at 9:00 am AEST.

By signing up for an Integral+® Conversation you will be added to our email list.

What is Self-Actualisation (SA)?

SA is an understanding, method and process for moving away from what is holding you back from your potential as a person and working toward actualising your very highest and best self in your life.

Self actualising conversations are based on Self-Actualisation psychology.

The psychology of how to actualise (make real) what is your potential.  It is focused on what is possible for you as a human being.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow describes self actualisers as not ordinary people with something added say an x-factor or extra-ordinary. He describes them as ordinary people with nothing taken away.

What does this mean?

Your very nature has the innate potential to enable you to be uniquely special and capable of being fully alive, fully human. Your nature as a human being already equips you with your uniqueness, your specialness. You already have it however, your powers can be dampened and inhibited by fear.

Self actualisation is about tapping into your dreams for you as an individual and making it real. When you get clear and understand what you want to do and what you have potential in, its about taking that risk and stepping up. As you step up and start to actualise your dreams, your capacity grows. Your capacity for vision, your capacity for beauty, your capacity for joy, for all things unique about you. Capacity is always growing, there is always more…

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