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Sports Psychology Coaching

Sports Psychology Coaching for Elite Athletes & High-Performance Teams

The Coaching Room partners with Elite Athletes and high-performance Sporting Teams to create the difference that makes the difference; the mental skills winning edge.
We provide leading-edge Sports Psychology Coaching for Sporting Teams, including Managers, Sports Coaches, Athletes and Administrators.

The High-Performance Benefits

For Athletes

  1. Increase Your Win-Rate Significantly
  2. Focus on Your Inner Game and Win Your Outer Game
  3. Express Yourself with Much More Style and Confidence
  4. Learn How to Lose as a Strategy for Winning!
  5. Realize You are Your Only Competitor

For Coaching and Management Staff

  1. Unify and Engage Your Team in Actualizing their Full Potential
  2. Increase Your Win Ratio Significantly
  3. Set a Meaningful Vision that Goes Beyond Winning and Losing
  4. Create a Legacy that Will Last for Decades
  5. Give Your Team the Gift of this

A Story From Gareth Baber, Olympic Gold Medal Coach

Our High-Performance Clients

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Gold Medal-Winning Team

Fiji Rugby 7s

We are proud to be part of the Fiji Rugby 7s Tokyo 2020 Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Team.We have been working with Gareth Baber, the Coaching Staff and Playing team for more than 3-years on this campaign, winning the 2019 World Series title and the 2021 Oceania Tournament (V Australia and New Zealand) along the way.

Firebirds 2021 Netball Team

Netball Qld

In May 2021, we began working with the Firebirds coaching staff and Netball team in building a high-performance culture. We continue with this work and look forward to the results in this and coming seasons.

2020 Drivers and Engineers Team

Red Bull Racing Formula 1

Results – in 2020 we worked with Red Bull Racing on understanding personality and communication within the team. Red Bull completed the season as number 2 behind Mercedes and currently lead the season for the first time in 2021.

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