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Success stories

Module 1A brings together all the foundational elements that you need to get right to be a developmental coach. The twice weekly online format delivers the content in chunks and gives you the opportunity to practice between sessions to be sure you have embodied the technique. Also, I have been really impressed with the amount of time we have spent coaching each other in the sessions. I can already feel how much my coaching has improved at the end of the module. Mads is an excellent facilitator, she holds the space for us to bring our questions / comments and whatever comes up for us in each of the sessions. Highly recommend IPCP as a pathway to being a professional coach, the emphasis on practicing and practical application of the content is the differentiator.
Rebecca Trepezanov
Jay is an extraordinarily professional person, committed to continuously learning in service of his clients. Jay has been my Executive Coach for the past two years and in that time I have seen great results. I would recommend Jay and the Coaching Room unreservedly for any person or company looking to grow in their understanding of themselves and their people.
Sally Castle
It’s been a life changing decision to join the coaching room. Incredible trainers and coaches and an outstanding community to be a part of. TCR are truly invested in the betterment of all students and support growth unconditionally. Highly recommend.
Rema Lolas
The Coaching Room® Coach

I am on my second coaching room course after reading TCR articles that just rang true for me. It's great to be learning something I am passionate about and that improves my experience of life immensely. Live streaming of sessions and learning portal mean I can attend from anywhere. It's magic!

The Coaching Room® has been one of the most practical, insightful and transformative learning experiences I have ever had, I have participated in 3 programs now and can confidently say that the above is consistent.
Louisa Barbera
Nestle Oceania Training Specialist at Nestlé
I have recently completed a series of executive coaching sessions with Jay Hedley from The Coaching Room. I had done some excellent training with The Coaching Room earlier in the year and at that time I realised that there were some areas in my Executive work role and my life where I felt unable to progress. I am always focused on ‘ helping things go right’ and a coaching approach seemed perfect for this. The sessions were amazing , engaging, challenging and ultimately transformative. Coaching turns out to have been exactly the right choice and life changing. The coaching process is very fair and you get out as much as you are prepared to put in. I recommend it and Jay very highly. Jay is a very skilled coach and importantly a socially and emotionally intelligent human being.
Margaret Lagoni
NDIS Co-ordination of Supports
The Coaching Room® is the difference that makes the difference. They are truly transformational! When I found The Coaching Room® I was a qualified coach & NLP Trainer, and I thought I was operating at a high level. Yet, working with The Coaching Room® is like finding out you’ve been playing in the kid’s pool and then discovering the expanse and depth of the vast ocean. I thoroughly recommend The Coaching Room®.
Kelly Samson
The Coaching Room® Coach

Fantastic group of coaches to take you through a journey of unlearning, relearning and embodying that new learning. Big transformational journey. Highly recommend.

We have enjoyed working with Jay Hedley and the Coaching Room team to have executive coaching sessions. We found that Jay can deeply understand individuals' behaviours and provided tailored coaching sessions to improve productivity and increase performance and motivation for each of our senior team members. I would highly recommend the Coaching Room for everyone who wants to be the best version of themselves.
Sherry Davaa
Events & Marketing Advisor - FerrierSilvia
I signed up for IPCP following the NLP Practitioner course and I have already noticed the difference in the purpose-built and designed course that is ICPC. We have just finished module 1a and it has covered all the foundational coaching skills needed to be a world-class coach. It has put us in a great position for the rest of the course, and I am excited to start the next module and remaining levels.
Jared Hastings
Regional Manager at Frontier Wear
Having been a student on four of their training programs, I can honestly say hand on heart that training with them has truly been life changing and has had a profound effect on my way of being and doing in the world. The training programs really are on the cutting edge of personal and professional development and the trainers are extremely knowledgeable and embody what they teach. If you are serious about your developmental growth this is the place to be!!
Jon Rossiter
OSINT Specialist and Cyber Security Professional

Jay and the team are very professional and knowledgeable. Their courses and coaching are high-impact and a worthy use of one's limited time.

I believe that there is a huge personal responsibility when leading people and organisations. And this is why I joined the Integral Leadership Course with The Coaching Room. I’ve been witness to many supposed leaders who have failed. This comes at a cost to staff retention, organisational culture and ultimately a company’s reputation and bottom line. In the situations I’ve witnessed, most often the failure lies with the individual who is unable to lead beyond their personality, current behaviours, organisational culture and the limits of the current systems and environment. They are stuck managing processes, blind to their only limitations, and not truly leading. The Integral Leadership Course is teaching me to wake up to my habitual way of operating, challenging and brining awareness to new possibilities in thinking and behaving, in order that I can truly pioneer growth and change within my people and organisation. This is an essential course for all leaders that will result in both growth at both the individual level, but also have a resounding positive impact on the people and the organisation as a whole.
Joanne Arancibia
I first decided to take the course to learn NLP to get ahead in life and work. I thought it would just be a regular self development course. What I got was way beyond expectations. I learned the secret to personal success as I learned my habits and actions and how I was getting in my own way. TCR's programs have given me the tools to implement the changes I want in life. TCR's unparalleled insight into human behaviour and exactly what drives general behaviour but also our own personal drivers and behaviours are a Godsend. I feel truly grateful and gifted that I 'ran into them' by a simple google search. The best chance I ever took was to enroll a TCR course.
Anastasia Charitou
I wanted to learn about how the brain works and how we can use it for our benefit. I was initially concerned about choosing The Coaching Room® because I didn't know if the content was going to be relevant or different from what I already knew. What I found was an amazing amount of new theories, content, ideas and techniques to apply first to myself and then to my clients. All the concepts and exercises were so deep and life changing I am still in aw. The results that I got are amazing. Very well explained theory and specific and relevant exercises for its application. I particularly liked how all the content has a specific application. It is not about learning the content but about how we can apply it to our life to create whatever we want for ourselves and others. This course is the difference that can make a difference in your life. 100% recommended.
Pau Issel
The Coaching Room® Coach
So glad I did my NLP certification with TCR! It has created positive lasting change which is exactly the reason I went. Their NLP mastery as well as their knowledge outside of the NLP world added so much value. I've recommended TCR to colleagues and friends, all of whom have been highly impacted when they attended a TCR course. The TCR team has the X factor...
Susan Donovan

Throughout my time at The Coaching Room® for the last 3 years, I’ve learnt be a better listener, communicate effectively, develop self confidence, coach others, empathise with people, but have the best relationship myself. I highly recommend their coaching course to anyone.

The Coaching Room has been a life chancing experience for me. Understanding that you and only you have the power is the key. Total turned my life upside-down and inside-out for the good. NLP takes you deep and the professional coaching really makes you see the real you. (Yes!! you’re really not who you think you are …) highly recommend The Coaching Room – !
David Bhagwan
Not only the Women In Leadership sessions are complementary, they are a wonderful space for us ladies to come together and have some real conversations. The format organically takes us out of the surface issue we think is the problem - right into how our own mind programs and habits are really the reason why we are struggling ourselves with what's happening at work, at home, in our relationships. The depth of the conversations really is determined by the women who turn up that month and we take twists and turns into personal leadership (of self) and the leadership at work and in other parts of our lives. If you're looking to get some real clarity and insight into how leading in your life could be improved due to a new awareness, then I highly recommend joining the sessions.
Anita Tomecki
As a former CEO of a Higher Education and training institution, The Coaching Room® provides a learning experience that will make a positive difference to you, the people around you, your clients and advance any career or business prospects you may have wanted even after just one program. Best value for your professional and personal development dollar in my opinion.
Frank Prestipino
Chief Executive Officer - Benchmark Estimating Software

I have been attending the Women In Leadership sessions for over a year now. These sessions provide an amazing context to the world that we live in and how to move with cultural shifts. As a Coach, these sessions allow me to have conversations on NLP and aspects of essential growth such as the development of ego, shadow work and understanding of perception and how presuppositions tie into our cognitive bias.I am grateful to Jay and Soo for putting on these sessions and making them readily available to Women in the leadership space. They are critical to the continuous evolution of women in leadership. Have a great day, Jo.

I did the NLP practitioner training with Jay in Auckland, and I just finished Integral + Leadership online course from him and Joseph. These guys know what they are talking about--it's great learning from them! The class is robust: very interactive and empowering.
Jeremy Adam
I don't say this lightly . . . But - one of the BEST decisions I have made in this lifetime has been choosing The Coaching Room to be my trainers and mentors in my journey to become a coach. I now run my own successful coaching and retreats business and I feel I have trained with the absolute best in the industry and feel constantly pushed and challenged every time I come back to work with The Coaching Room.I started back in 2013 on my journey, initially doing my NLP practitioner course with The Coaching Room and have completed almost ALL the trainings they have on offer since! I wouldn't be the coach I am today without the training and mentorship (from Jay Hedley in particular). They really are truly "A Partner for Life" and the coaching room community you become a part of is incredible and they give back generously a lot to each of us.If you're ready to learn more about yourself, deepen your relationship with yourself and transform how you experience relationships & the world around you then take a look at what they offer!I can't recommend their courses highly enough, whether you're brand new on your self development journey or a seasoned coach, they have different offerings for every bit of your journey. Much gratitude to all the TCR team, Jay Hedley and Joseph Scott and Madeleine Robinson for the trainings and teachings thus far!
Louise Walker
The Coaching Room® Coach
I have done so many programs with The Coaching Room® and keep coming back for more. I have been in the coaching and self development business for over 20 years and every time I attend their training I am learn and grow to the next level.. can’t say that about many schools. Their training is deep and advanced. I also source Coaches and will prefer to hire those that have done TCR training!
Sandra Viljoen
The journey with The Coaching Room® has impacted positively those I work with and crucially those I love but, first and foremost it has driven tremendous impact within myself. At first my intention was to develop the skills in coaching to leverage an advantage over others and enhance how I was seen professionally. However after completing NLP practitioner, master practitioner and group coaching in the ‘matrix’! I am awake to the truth that I will be gaining nothing other than being fully present and living on purpose - now ! That is the process of living to my full potential. (Damn - I wish I put that on my final worksheet) :). If you have any doubts about doing this work and starting with the Coaching room. Don't - just do it and welcome in the change.
Jake Aliker
High-Performance Coach - Force and Grace Ltd
Love love love The Coaching Room! I became a TCR junkie after the first course I did and now am a repeat offender! Everytime I sit in the room I walk away with more than I had. It's been a truly transformational journey. The unfolding has no destination so will continue for life. The trainer, coaches and community are next level!! Highly recommend to anyone who is interested in NLP or self-inquiry.
Amanda Zakhary
Getting qualified for an NLP Master Practitioner certification with The Coaching Room® has been a truly transformational experience for me. Learning to recognize meta-states and meta-programs patterns was beneficial both in the context of personal growth and my work with clients. Phenomenal facilitators, challenging content and multiple coaching demonstrations and coaching practice opportunities prepared me to use NLP coaching principles immediately upon getting certified. Working with The Coaching Room® inspired me to change careers, open my coaching and consulting business and build connections within the coaching industry. This course is an excellent platform for personal and professional growth, and I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in self-awareness, growth, relatedness and transformation.
Yuliya Schamrel
Leadership and Capability Partner/Coaching Business Owner
I've done four courses with The Coaching Room and found them all to be transformational. They have helped me enormously, both in my personal and professional life. I have also had coaching sessions with Jay and found these to be instrumental in me pushing through internal barriers to pursue and focus my business. I can't recommend the work of Jay, Joseph and the team highly enough.
Phil Voysey

You don't want to miss out on working with The Coaching Room®. My life has changed in so many positive ways I can't even imagine.

Wow, what an engaging and mind expanding introduction to Leading through Coaching! The trainers created an environment that fostered enjoyable learning and inspired everyone to want more. We can’t wait to take every opportunity to practice our new skills and I’m excited to discover what the next layer of skills can unleash in me as a GM. Thanks Jay and Joe for a fantastic three days.
Timothy Lauricella
GM Operations - Nestle Australia
The Enneagram Course provided me with the opportunity to further develop the understanding and skills around my coaching. Having completed the NLP Practitioners Course this was a natural step in creating greater focus to my own thinking but more significantly how I can use this to release the potential of my players and staff. Building on elements outlined in the Practitioners Course, the Enneagram learning took me through the unique traits which surround each and every personality type, how these can play out for the individual and specifically for my coaching, how this can influence the relationships within a team environment. Whilst the tacit knowledge gained within my work environment provided a degree of such informal learning, the course provided clarity around the various elements of each type and through the many discussions and participant examples, live feedback from which key learning was made. I highly recommend accessing this course for not only individual development purposes and the desire to continue on a path to understanding the running of one's own brain but how we can better use this knowledge to transform the development of others for whom we care for and love. Thank you to Jay and all the staff of the Coaching Room in enabling me to take huge leaps in my own coaching development, much appreciated.
Gareth Baber
Head Coach - Fiji Rugby 7s Tokyo 2020 Olympic Gold Medal winning Team
The Coaching Room have some of the best faciliators and trainers in the business. Highly recommended. The un-learning was amazing!
Glenn Flood
Leadership and Performance Coach - GLENN FLOOD

One word describes the experience that I had at The Coaching Room's NLP Practitioner Course... Amazing. The insights I have gained and the tools that I now have at my disposal, have dramatically transformed not only the way I show up in the world, but also how I engage with people, teams and organisations. I wish that I had taken this course years ago...

Top quality authentic developmental training, coaching & inquiry. Over the years, TCR have played a vital role in being a major part of my taking ownership of my self actualisation and contribution-to-others journey, both personally and professionally. Many thanks to the Founders.
Melanie Kearney
We had an amazing experience with The Coaching Room®. They have been supporting Paramount Pictures Australia for the past years in our leadership training programs. Apart from being amazing professionals, they’re flexible in terms of structuring the programs to meet our needs. But most importantly, they truly care and that makes the biggest difference.
Brian Pritchett
CEO of Paramount Pictures

Training and mentoring is like no other. My journey with the Coaching Room has been over 4 years and I have been able to revisit training sessions without no cost after my initial investment. I recommend anyone who wants to do self development, train as a coach and/or get more out of life to join the Coaching Room. Just be prepared to be challenged with ruthless compassion!

I've been a huge Coaching Room® fan since doing my courses. I don't think I ever shared with you what an amazing shift in mindset I had after the Master NLP Practitioner; I remember Joseph doing a regression demonstration on me where I was finally able to let go of so many squatter-ghosts from my past and start living peacefully 🙂 NLP has changed my life in more ways than one; I have finally learned self-acceptance, to let go of so much hurt and bitterness that plagued me for most of my adult life, and most of all, I have been able to look at my 2 practice marriages (LOVE that phrase, thanks Joseph!) with relativity and perspective. Craig did the NLP Prac course shortly after we started living together and we use NLP (in the best possible way) in our marriage almost weekly. And it's mostly thanks to you; way back when, when I first inquired about the NLP Prac course I was dead-broke and scared of the <$2,000 financial commitment but you kept calling me and eventually persuaded me to just do it. So yeah, I have been a massive Coaching Room fan for almost a decade now, and keep telling people about your NLP programs. By the way, I am repeating the courses now is in preparation for launching myself as a Mindset Coach in 2023, something I probably would not have thought of if I hadn't initially done the courses. And if it's not self-evident from this gushing email, please know that I am so thankful for the opportunity of repeating the courses.
Alex Schroder

Amazing awakening! Would 100% recommend this course to make a difference to work life, family life and personal life. You will not be disappointed!

Amazing course, NLP is a mind opener, highly recommend it.
Baptiste Jojot
COO, Production manager, FOX Wardrobes and Cabinetry
The Coaching Room® is a catalyst for change. One of the most professional and profound learning systems I have experienced with incredible teachers and an extremely supportive community.
Dave Nixon
The Coaching Room® offers cutting edge communication and leadership training that is truly transformational. Managing Directors Jay and Joseph are generous beyond compare with the professional and personal support they offer members of the community well beyond the classroom. Do yourself a favour - jump on a course and warp speed your development.
Sue Marshall
Profoundly transformational experience. The Coaching Room® has not only given me skills to navigate my personal life but actual skills I can transfer into business and real life situations. Love the continuing educational support after training and the amazing community I’ve been introduced to.
Candice Godinez
There is no other place to be coached and trained, this organisation is the top of their field. As a result I have significantly improved my life and the quality of my emotions. I have developed the ability to move through any difficult situation, confront challenges and create the life I desire with ease.
Lianne Grove

The Coaching Room courses enabled me to get authentic, get real with myself. It gave me the the opportunity to make amazing leaps in personal communication style, development, and coaching capability. The Coaching Room learning environment has a staged approach to enable you to change up your coaching ability. Your learning is immediately applicable It was challenging and uplifting in equal measures. Cannot recommend more highly. Do yourself a favour.